Should I train bank staff ... provided they check the spelling?

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  • Willowx
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    But what would you train them on? Products change pretty much all the time, especially with the interest rates as they are at the moment. Beyond products do bank staff deal with much else, I mean I can't see them roling out sessions on how to budget or the like.

    (PS the link to the blog in the side bar still goes to the student loan blog)
  • Errata
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    Horses for courses.

    Moneysaving experts for moneysaving, journalists for reportage, standup comedians for a chuckle.

    Trainers for training !
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • Bryony48
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    There is definitely some merit in this. Using the approach I would use with any other service provider (ie shop around, then ask your current provider to match the deal to stop you leaving, very effective with mobile companies etc), last year I researched savings accounts, then asked my bank if they could offer me a better deal than I was able to find elsewhere. They were able to say no, you'd be better off elsewhere. I was very pleased and impressed with their honesty, if not their ability to offer me a better product. I class that as good customer service, ie not trying to sell me something I don't want/inappropriate.
  • EmehEm2005
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    Computer says no
    Don't make old people mad. We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to p*** us off.
  • AHAR
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    It looks like "Martyn" is catching on...
  • mateypeeps
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    Ignore my comments below, if they seem "holier than thou".

    Home of Research may not be happy with breaking Survey confidentiality by posting the screen grab the way it has been done.

    The use of Martyn may have been a deliberate ploy to attempt to avoid litigation by using your name without permission.

    I work for HBOS/Lloyds, and now wish I did not as my attitude is the same as yours, I SHOULD be able to criticise those crap products that get peddled (there are some good ones) and point out that there are better ones elsewhere.

    However, realistically, I would not expect someone to pay me to sabotage their business either, and would expect to be booted out or disciplined.

    However, the "Lucky" adverts seen recently on TV included one where the bloke suggested to 2 underlings at a luncheon, that they tell customers of their RIVALS' offers when they phone up for a quote, EVEN IF THE RIVALS ARE BETTER.

    Did you train that lot?

    Phil (trainee cashback expert)
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