Just received my first gas bill after 9 months!

Hi all,
I moved into a new build towards the end of July last year and was not aware as to who my gas supplier was. I had not heard anything from them at all until this morning when i received a letter telling me how delighted they are to welcome me to EDF with a bill for £455.52 dating back to 14th June, when the house was first built.

Now, I was aware I had not paid any gas so did put money aside to pay for it when a day like this arrived, I just wanted to see how long it was gonna take for somebody to get in touch with me, and see if i could get away with it too!

So, i never signed up to EDF as my gas supplier, or with anyone for that matter, I imagine they have a deal with the building developers? What I would like to know is that is it fair for them to hit me with a huge bill after 3 quarters without any previous contact? Why didnt they bill me quarterly? Obviously i can get the period between june 14th until I moved in removed from bill but is there anyway I can have a bit of a go at them for such a lack of customer service or failing to bill me for so long?

Many Thanks


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    Gashead9 wrote: »
    ...What I would like to know is that is it fair for them to hit me with a huge bill after 3 quarters without any previous contact? Why didnt they bill me quarterly? ...

    Is it fair that you were using their energy without registering to pay for it? :rolleyes:

    Perhaps if you did, they would have billed you earlier. ;)

    Anyway, suppliers can back-bill 12 months at least, longer if like you you didn't try to contact them.

    You had a deemed contract with the supplier from the moment you started using their energy. They've probably charged you at the standard tariff rate. If you had contacted them earlier, you could possibly have saved money by agreeing to a more favourable tariff.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    The problem with all new builds is the energy company simply do not know when the houses are completed, when they are occupied etc

    How would they know you moved in if you, or the builder, didn't tell them? I suspect, if your development is like many others, there are still incomplete/unoccupied properties?

    As stated above, if you use any energy you have entered a legally binding deemed contract with the supplier.

    It is not only fair that you are 'hit' with a 9 month bill, but you are indeed fortunate to have received 9 months energy on credit.

    At least you have been honest enough to admit that you wanted to see "if you could get away with it" - unlike so many who come on MSE and say they hadn't realised they had not been paying for gas for the last x years.

    If it is any consolation, even if it had been more than 12 months, in your circumstances, you 'wouldn't have got away with it'.

    If you contact them you will probably be given time to pay. However you will probably be on a standard tariff and have paid far more than with a cheaper internet tariff, so it will be in your interests to switch sooner rather than later.
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    Well done for putting the money aside. At least you werent taken by surprise. I hope you made some money whilst you were waiting.
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