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Advice re Littlewoods please.

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Advice re Littlewoods please.

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HRHPrincessKellyHRHPrincessKelly Forumite
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Hello, I hope someone can help me.

At Xmas I ordered some items from Littlewoods in the 3 for 2 offer they had on. I don't have a credit account, I paid by card. They couldn't fulfil the order so I ended up with less than what I ordered which I admit must have messed up the 3 for 2. However, they gave me a refund for the item they couldn't deliver and no more was said over the phone.

Then I get a letter in the post this week, telling me they have opened up a credit account because I owe them £10. Well, it wasn't even the courtesy of a letter explaining, it was an Account Statement. I'd argue the fact that I owed them money, because they couldn't fulfil the order therefore their problem etc, but for an easy life I would have paid it. My issue is that they have opened this account, so must have done a credit search etc, and given me an account I didn't ask for or want. Oh, and slapped on a £10 charge for non payment, despite this being the first letter I have had.

My question is are they allowed to do that, like legally? Set up a credit agreement without your consent? I am thinking no, but technically I owe them money. But they could have just written to me.

Help me please, because tomorrow I am going to Lose My Temper and I want to get my facts straight. I'm just so annoyed because I don't do credit and am thinking "how very dare they?".

Thank you in advance. Kelly x


  • Hailz86Hailz86 Forumite
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    As far as I am aware they can not do a credit search or open an account in your name without your prior permission, and you need to either call or write to them and tell them you know they cant do this and that you intend to take further action
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    Did you order via online - was there any t&cs, did you provide card details, address?

    Cause you might have been giving them permission to open a credit account for you.

    I would call them & ask.

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