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  • What a lovely story, the people who post on these forum's feel like they are part of a 'big' family' you never feel alone and 100% there is someone who can help you out, even if it's just a few kind words of support at the right time. I haven't looked back since i came across this site.

    Best wishes to the lady in question's daughter and here's to a happy future.
    Kat :money:
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    Team Quackers, is just one of the lovely MSE community groups. Reading about Quackers and her ducklings is amazing and uplifting................makes me smile whenever I think of them.:T
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    Maybe a read of the original would show what MSE is about :T
    Numpty,Not sure why but I'm crying :o . Of all the peeps on this board you're the kindest & most supportive of all & I'm :mad: & :( for you all at the same time . Wish I was there to give you a big :grouphug: & emergency hobnobs
    DFD 5/1/16
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