NEWSPAPER SUMMARY - Tuesday 31st March 2009



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    richmanu7 wrote: »
    Do let me know how you get on at waitrose, as I could only use 10% recently of total spend:mad:
    One of my Waitrose now only take 3 mocs and the other takes £3 worth of mocs. :(
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    The free driving lesson in the Star is the same offer that was floating around earlier this year. See for more details, says it's with a local instructor.

    I signed up for it some time ago, and I think the AA contacted me for the free lesson, but by that time I'd already had a lesson with them (that's I'd paid for), and thus wasn't eligible for the freebie.:rolleyes:
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    no MOCs today
    I :heart2: Waitrose
  • The London Paper

    no MOCs today
    I :heart2: Waitrose
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    Citylink travel for £5 code dailyoffer

    25p moc for Wednesdays paper
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    UltraCheap wrote: »
    Whoohoo!! It's about time!!! Thanks Nudge!

    Am I gutted. Had to leave early to go to London so didn't have time to check the summary this morning. What makes it worse someone had left a Mail on the seat in the train coming home & I left it there without looking at it!:mad:

    I shop in Waitrose & currently my branch take up to half the cost of your shopping, except for 1 supervisor who insists it is only one-third but you can only give one of any coupon in a shop.

    Would be great if the Mail decided to print this more days.

    Did get a free bar of mint Aero outside Green Park underground which was a tasty treat on the way home - was kind and shared it with my husband.
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