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Ikea & returning faulty goods

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Ikea & returning faulty goods

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talulahbeige_2talulahbeige_2 Forumite
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Does anyone have experience of returning faulty items to Ikea? I'#m after a bit of advice on how to go about it successfully.

We bought a £120 coffee table from them last May, the glass top was attached to the legs with a bolt that was glued to the underside of the glass and then bolted through the legs.
In August 2 of the bolts came away from the glass (the adhesive wore away or wasnt strong enough originally) so we took the item back and they replaced it. We have both the original and replacement reciepts.

One of the bolts has gone again and as this means the glass isnt attached properly it is very unsafe (and wobbles alot)

We now want to take it back and obtain our money back, they dont sell the item anymore so a replacement isnt an option even if we wanted one/
What are our chances?
I have been reading about when it gets to 6mths old your rights are different.
To my mind, they sold us one of their premier (the man who worked in the store said it was from their premier range) items that wasnt cheap (£120) and it should last more than 6 mths and is therefor unfit for the purpose it was sold for.

Anyone got any experience?


  • pinkshoespinkshoes Forumite
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    Drop them an email before trecking over to a store, but this is obviously not fit for purpose, so if they no longer stock it, they should offer you an alternative, or a refund.
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  • yes, just as pinkshoes said. We had a wardrobe that fell apart after 12 months, the wood had all split making it really wobbly and considering it had only ever had baby clothes in we weren't happy. We wrote a letter (we didn't even have a receipt) and they were more than happy to except a return (we just needed to take the letter in with the wardrobe). They gave a credit note for full amount, and we were happy with that. Rubbish quality furniture but good customer service. (from my experience)
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