NEWSPAPER SUMMARY - Monday 30th March 2009

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Monday 30th March 2009

Please post here if you get any of today's newspapers or have the chance to look through one.
Please tell us if any of them contain coupons or freebies or vouchers OR NOT !

Important details are:
The cost of the newspaper
Whether it's a regional edition
Page number
Expiry date of the voucher
Whether it's store specific and has a barcode (POST the BARCODE NUMBER if possible)

Remember if you go shopping look in as many newspapers as you can.
Post even if you don't see any coupons, and mention any offers that you see.

Below you'll find a list of the abbreviations and how to interpret them.

MOC - Money Off Coupon
Bc - Barcode, good chance of universal scan
bc - only selected stores scan
Xwrd - Crossword
PUZ - Puzzle
T#3 - Token 3
T2collect - Token 2 Collect (generally you have to collect numerous tokens to get the offer)

Lets hope todays a good one for coupons

Link to yesterday's thread - Sunday 29th March 2009

Weekday newspaper pricing details:

Star 20p / Sun 30p / Express 40p / Mirror 45p / Mail 50p
Guardian 90p / Times 90p / Telegraph 90p / Independent £1

A new feature added at the request of several avid Newspaper Summary threads readers.
A link to the "MAGAZINE Offers" thread - worth checking post #1 & #2 and the last page probably on a daily basis.

AND Don't forget .... IF YOU ARE COLLECTING DVDs / CDs etc. .... with today's ......



FREE - DVD - "ULTIMATE CHILDREN'S FAVOURITE" - Send away offer - P&P required


There are 10 types of people in the world. ‹(•¿•)›
‹(•¿•)› Those that understand binary and those that do not!

Veni, Vidi, VISA ! ................. I came, I saw, I PURCHASED
S LOWER CASE OMEGA;6.59 so far ..


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    Known Offers "Mega" Post

    In addition to any DVDs & CDs above in post #1



    .... depending where you buy it ....

    BOOK OFFER - A £2.99 "special" when you buy THE TIMES at WHSMITH any day this week.
    Until Sunday 5th April 2009 it is "THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST " by MOHSIN HAMID



    FREE - ESSENTIAL CARE ORGANIC HAND & BODY LOTION - 150ml - Worth £12 - Just pay £2 P&P



    OFFER - £15 SUMMER HOLIDAYS - 310 PARKS in 7 COUNTRIES - TOKEN COLLECT - 7 required - Printed daily until April 4th
    June, July and late August in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Holland and Belgium
    Details and T&Cs >>>



    ** MOC ALERT ** MOC ALERT **

    20p OFF Tomorrow's DAILY EXPRESS - Valid Tuesday 31st March


    FREE - FOOD - MAIN COURSES - 2 for 1 Offer - At GASTRO PUBS



    FREE - MP3 PLAYER - 512mb - Worth £25 >>>
    Send cheque for £4.50 P&P or a PADDED SAE stamped to £3.65
    Alternatively order it ONLINE FOR £4.50 P&P >>>



    FREE - DESIGNER SUNGLASSES - Worth £100 - Continuing TOKEN collect - 40 required


    FREE - GOLF BALLS - Continuing TOKEN collect - 12 required


    OFFER - BELT & SCARF by MARIA GRACHVOGEL - Worth up TO £190 - Continuing TOKEN collect - 20 required


    There are 10 types of people in the world. ‹(•¿•)›
    ‹(•¿•)› Those that understand binary and those that do not!

    Veni, Vidi, VISA ! ................. I came, I saw, I PURCHASED
    S LOWER CASE OMEGA;6.59 so far ..
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    Daily Mail

    Page 42 Send for MP3 offer thanks to quoia for full details plus you
    can go online today and download a MP3 Soundtrack Sampler from

    Home and Garden Supp you can send for Carolyn Quatermaine designer
    coffee cup set you get the 4 piece set for £9.99 or you can send for
    complete set in presentation pack for £39.99

    Cash Bonus £3000
    Spring Suprise 364
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    Daily Express

    Page 8 Coupon for 20p off Tomorrows Daily Express

    Page 30 Coupon for Dine Free with 2 for 1 offer includes gastro pubs
    restaurants and hotels,for full list go to
    you need to book before you go then take coupon with you.
    Offer valid on various days until 8/5

    Page 32 Coupon for 25% off MOT and Service when you book for a
    mon or sat at
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    ✭✭ mocs
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    Daily Mirror - no MOCs

    Page 30

    Offer for 12 free Lily bulbs for every reader, voucher redemption by post, P&P is £2.70, offer expires 31/05/09
    Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive
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    Scottish Sun

    Holiday token 8 code PAGE

    Captain Crunch 611 - 612
    Cheque 3584

    Bingo 26 -43 - 57 - 21 - 11 - 40 - 55 - 24 - 73 -9 -14

    Page 14 voucher for a free breakfast roll worth up to £1.70 from Baguette Express valid today only until 12noon.
  • Jemma1Jemma1 Forumite
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    The Scotsman

    You need 2 tokens from 3 printed
    Free Historic Scotland Family ticket worth up to £36 valid between weds 1/4 to 30/4 excluding easter weekend 10/4 to 13/4 inclusive- 71 different places to visit heres a few, edinburgh, blackness, arbroath, huntly, kildrummy, rothesay, stirling, tantallon, urquhart (all castles) for more details

    Page 19 - bonus token 3
  • Travel for £5 anywhere in Scotland with Citylink.
    To book your tickets, simply go to the Journey Planner and enter our full promotional code (all lower case letters, no spaces between words) to receive the discounted fares.
    If you are booking through Citylink’s contact centre then simply give the promotional code over the phone to the advisor. There is no booking fee though delivery charges may apply

    The promotional code will appear in two parts, the first part will appear in the Sunday Mail on 29th March and the second part will appear in the Daily Record on Monday 30th March. The full code will appear in the Daily Record on Tuesday 31st March.
    Terms and Conditions
    • The Scottish Citylink Sunday Mail Offer is available for outward and return travel from 1 April to 30 April 2009 inclusive.
    • The offer is available on all Citylink services for travel within Scotland
    • The offer is available on all services in Scotland booked through Citylink website and contact centre
    • No further child or concession rates are available.
    • Tickets must be booked through the Scottish Citylink website or via the Scottish Citylink contact centre.
    • The promotion is not valid for tickets purchased on board the bus or through Scottish Citylink offices and appointed agents
    • The offer is available as a single, Day Return or Return ticket
    • Tickets are non refundable and non changeable.
    • A delivery charge where applicable will be added. For delivery of tickets, postage will be charged at 50p and text tickets at 10p. There is no charge for e-tickets.
    • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    • Scottish Citylink reserves the right to cancel any transaction and/or withdraw tickets if the full terms and conditions are not met.
    • All customers traveling are subject to the Standard Conditions of Carriage of Scottish Citylink Coaches Ltd.
    It looks from the text above that you don't need vouchers etc, just a code, so if some kind person would consider letting us know this code....:D If vouchers are required could you let us know as I will definitely be grabbing a paper today!

    The full code is 'dailyoffer' (no spaces, all lowercase)
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    Sorry to beg or bother,
    But does anyone have a spare tea for 2 voucher from last week? I'd be willing to trade some coupons and am happy to send a s.a.s.e

    thanks if anyone can help
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    RE the citylink offer, am i right in thinking you have to depart from somewhere in Scotland?
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