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Maplins and MiniBook

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
gunslinger13401gunslinger13401 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
At christmas I bought one of Maplins Mini Book computers online.
After a couple of days leading into early January after my daughter getting used to some of the Linux system it became obvious that she could not put pictures from her mobile phone onto it,a feature that is a necessity for any teenager.
Then it wouldn't switch on for more than 15 mins.
The manual was second only to useless,just a couple of pages with no information on how to perform any tasks with it. So I have had to trawl the internet to find the information necessary to set this up.

So I called their customer care and explained that I was not happy with the item and wanted a refund, The lady on the other end convinced me that they would check it out and it would work perfectly on return.

2-3 weeks later we received a replacement (not the original but a new or refurbed unit). My daughter was away for a couple of weeks so it remained unopened until her return. When opened and switched on we could not get it to connect to the internet via our wireless router (I spent two days trying to set this up to work) and it would also not accept her mobile phone as connected so still no photos.

I spoke to a very helpful person and explained that this was the second one we had received that didnt work,and that this time I required a refund. Which was agreed and a return number issued,so I took it into our local shop for return and made sure that refund was written on the returns form.
I have this morning received a parcel some two weeks later containing a minibook. I do not want this as I have since purchased another model for my daughter.
In with this was a note from the engineer telling me that they have connected to the internet and put photos on the machine.
Now I know this wasnt possible when I sent it back. and there is nothing wrong with our router as she has connected without problems with the other model. Nor with her phone as she has also downloaded photos.
It is not a question of being unfamiliar with the software as this also runs on Linux.

I have just called Maplins and spoken to an extremely arrogant woman,who has informed me that I will not be given a refund as their engineer says that there was no problem with the unit. And that my rights to a refund for an unfit for purpose item have lapsed due to time. Now bear in mind that these items have spent in excess of a month at Maplins.

I am at my wits end and out of pocket to the tune of £140 for a computer that I do not want.
So where do I stand.
Help please
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