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Advice - am I being fussy

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Advice - am I being fussy

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
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nmbashnmbash Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
I have been waiting for over 1 year to buy a Simplehuman recycling bin, because it is expensive. This model is not sold in the shop (except costco), so I finally bought it online on Tue (£88 + 4.95 delivery). Its supposed to be fingerprint proof - I assume they coat the stainless steel with something.

Anyway, it arrived promply on Wed. I noticed that on the top edge of the lid some of the 'paint' was missing. It was really noticeable.
I knew this would bug me so I rang the supplier. They were really good about it and sent me another one, which arrived today.

Unfortunately, this seems to have a small bump on the front top of the lid. I decided not to say anything just in case I was being fussy, but my husband noticed it when he came home. I had made sure I was not in the kitchen so I definetly did not influence him in anyway.

This sounds sad, but I really don't know what to do since I already complaint once.

What happens if the next one also has a fault?
Maybe the company sells seconds?

Any advice ?


  • whuwhu Forumite
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    If you are not happy with it complain and unless you get a satisfactory replacement ask for your money back - good luck
    Keep the Faith:cool:
  • Pink_fluffPink_fluff Forumite
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    It's only a bin. But if you are not happy, then yes you should bring it up with the supplier. Maybe it just got bashed when being transported to you.
  • On a side note, even if you have problems in the future, Simplehuman as a company offer outstanding customer service (or maybe just proper CS, but in this day and age, proper CS feels outstanding compared to the usual treatment).

    The springs on mine broke and I contacted them, I had had the bin well over 3 years, but they had a lifetime warranty (I think they've lowered it to 10 now), so I contacted them by e-mail, just telling them I had bought the bin though my catalogue and when roughly and which models. Within 2 days, they replied telling me a replacement lid was on the way, within 7 days, I had my replacement. No questions, no argument, no quibbles. :T
  • nmbashnmbash Forumite
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    Yes - it is only a bin, but an expensive one.

    My husband is the one that would normally just let things past, but even he said I should mention it so I will ring the company tomorrow. I should have bought the bin directly from simplehuman.

    Bookworm1363 - thanks for your comment - that is worth knowing.
  • OlliesDadOlliesDad Forumite
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    You have a right to have an item free of defects so i would definately report it to them. Knowing the company, they will be more than happy to oblige.
  • You should phone them

    If they don't know items are being damaged ie... in transit
    How can they prevent other customers having this inconvenience

    In my book your not fussy you paid for a premium product & it should arrive deffect free
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  • Mark_HewittMark_Hewitt Forumite
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    No, you aren't being fussy. Stuff like that has happened to me with products costing a lot less than that. You are absolutely right to persist until you get one in mint condition.
  • nmbashnmbash Forumite
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    Thanks to all that replied. The saga continues...

    I did ring and the company (I will sing its praises once this is sorted) totally agreed that I should get a replacement.

    So bin 2 was picked up, and another one delivered on another day. In total we wasted 3 days since it did not get delivered on the day it was supposed to. But that didn't matter because I was happy it was getting replaced.

    But guess what, bin 3 has the same defect as bin 2. In fact I thought they sent the same bin back. I phoned the company again and I have to say they have been great so far. They will arrange to pick and send another bin on Monday, but now we are fed up of waiting in for the bin - we have wasted 5 days so far.

    According to the site I am buying the bin from, it seems that they have contacted SH about it. SH are having a problem with packaging the bin, so in transit the lid is getting damaged by the internal bins. At least I now know that I am not being fussy :-)
  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    You've bin very patient.
    A bit puzzling how they haven't managed to get the packaging right by now though.
  • melorablackmelorablack Forumite
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    This is what it says about these bins on Amazon in the item description:

    "The durable polycarbonate lid is dent-proof and can be removed for easy cleaning."

    I would definately complain!

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