Scarlet Agency, Cardiff, want some local info

in Wales
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Wanting some local information regarding this Agency as my daughter considering joining. Any information or advice would be appreciated


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    You mean this one? Looks rather tacky - the emphasis seems to be on the tarty 'glamour' sort of work & lapdancing. How about this agency instead? They have offices in Cardiff, and are having some sort of open day on the 21st.

    There's a lot of useful information on the Alba Model Information website too. There are many rogue agencies out there, so be very careful!
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    Yes i have seen that, just need some local knowledge
  • In my opinion this guy is a fraud. I am a glamour model myself and work heavily in the adult industry and all the manager Tim wanted to do was 'meet up' to 'talk' about work. He also approached me claiming to be recruiting girls for a company who only hire direct and I confirmed this as I know the owner, Anjali - she had never heard of him. He is just looking for naive girls who will do anything to get work.
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