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  • Check out all you need to know about 0300 numbers at intelesis
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    Just another 'thankyou' to Martin for this helpful article, thoroughly read before I dial an 0300 number[replacement driving licence, not available online, not a U.K. passport holder]
    Hadn't come across any until now, didn't know what they were.
    Thankyou Martin, as always.
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
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  • It is right that originally 0800 calls were free from mobiles and indeed I remember re routing calls through my mobile with a company called connault telecom which provided 0800 access numbers. Now everytime now again the 0800 would be blacklisted and the overide company would have to come up with another 0800.

    Also the mobile company in my case Virgin said that 0800 charity numbers and so on would remain free but that had to now charge for the 0800.

    so that's how all that ostensibly came in except that the profits the mobile companies are making dwarf any savings made by re routing.

    I know they all block skype apart from the 3 network and that could potentially have an impact to their profits.

    I have always said all premium should be outlawed as the abuse is immense - just recall how tv companies were exploiting with their fictional fixed competitions and polls..... some say they still are with shows like X factor and I'm a celebrity.
    Back to the old postcard votes I reckon.
  • I remember when Free phone was free from my mobile I think the reason that mobile companies removed it was that people (me included) where dialling a calling card to bypass the out of contract rate on there phone (Mine was 35ppm). So a bit of early Money-saving
    There are a few organisations that should have never had there 0500/0800 for free numbers charged and in effect given almost 999 status. (Most are charities found in the front of the yellow pages and breakdown organisations)

    There is a newer calling card way to get around extortionist mobile costs. This is using a calling card with a 01 02 or 03 access number to call overseas.
    ex My mobile to Tanzanian is £1pm but a call card is 14ppm + call to a local number (out contract mins)
  • Hi,
    I have unlimited 24/7 calling package from BT. With free 0845 and 0870. I had to call the RSPCA, which is an 0300 number. I had checked before dialing and from the information that I had found on the Internet, it seemed as if it was free? WRONG!!!
    I was charged on ALL three calls even though I had all inclusive minutes!!! I don't get BT's pricing table re these numbers? 0300 = g21 (whatever that means). Would appreciate any input, or like to know if this has happened to anyone else, as I am totally confused :-( :(:(
  • I think they've made 0845 and 0870 free but the companies using then no longer get a cut and simply move over to 0871 and 0844 which are CHARGED irrespective of your 24/7 package. Looks like the 0300 number is designed to look like a freephone 0800 or 0500 but the BT con artists once snip in a few unsuspecting customers with a charge.

    Another thing I noticed with BT they have set up premium numbers at £1.50 minimum charge for 118866 and 118185 notice the subtle difference between 18866 and 18185 ??** ;)

    yes deliberately designed to catch out a misdial of the low cost alternative companies.

    yet the misdialed numbers are blank ... no messaging or service but you will have a nasty shock on your BT bill.

    Very dodgy company indeed!
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    I have an Orange 'Broadband MAX package which gives me a 'second line' with free anytime national/international calls (to 30 countries). I can't see any reference to 0300 numbers. Does anyone know if these are chargeable?

    I would ask Orange, but I don't fancy waiting 15 mins & then trying to explain my query to an Indian call centre who have probably never heard of 0300 numbers anyway.....

    P.S. the DVLC now use 0300 numbers.
  • I just spoke to a nice man from the Shaw Trust, who have an 0300 number, and he said their number was actually free. Maybe there is an option for this when an organisation sets on up?
  • Gerry1 wrote: »
    Pedant's Corner: Although the 03 equivalent numbers are long overdue, it's not quite true that they always cost exactly the same as geographic (01 & 02) numbers.

    They do cost the same for the majority of BT network users because local and national calls are all charged at the same "UK Rate" on discounted tariffs such as Unlimited Weekends.

    However, some tariffs (e.g. BT's Light User scheme) still distinguish between 'Local' and 'National' calls and still charge them at different rates. 03 numbers translate to 01 or 02 numbers that could be anywhere, so it's not possible to charge the equivalent rate. Instead, an intermediate rate between Local and National is used, which means that 03 will be a bit more expensive if you're calling round the corner but a bit cheaper if you're calling the other end of the country. It's just swings and roundabouts.

    Doctors' surgeries, chemists, hospitals, job centres will normally be local calls for Low Users because they're unlikely to be very far away. But if they all changed to 03, vulnerable people might see their bills increase because they would have to pay the intermediate 03 rate rather than the local call rate.

    So 03 numbers are good news if they replace rip-off 084 / 087 numbers, but their widespread adoption in place of 01 / 02 numbers could slightly disadvantage some vulnerable users.

    Thanks for explaining, interesting. I'm a bit puzzled about what the man from the Shaw Trust said about their 0300 number being free to call (see me previous post above. Anyone heard any thing similar?
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