Is this a Scam?

I am interested in signing up to the magazine on the website below:

Has anyone done it? If they have is it a scam? Also has anyone signed anyone else up and got the commision? Any feedback would be much appreciated, many thanks.


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    I'd give this one a miss, personally. Had a look at the site, and it seems like a cleverly (or not so cleverly) disguised chain letter/pyramid scheme type thing.

    I think the part that would put me off is that you are working for this guy, he takes half of whatever profits you may get, and you have to pay quite a high initial outlay for the information that is supposed to make him money anyway? If you were going to make a fortune, and he gets half of it, wouldn't he be dying to get that information out to as many people as poss for free?

    Maybe it's just me being cynical...
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    Just been talking to the person involved and been e-mailing them. When asked for the first issue to buy or just look at an example article I got a very rude response. Don't use it or any cash for the weekend magazine!!
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