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  • Thanks lorweld, that's great! :D
  • Great find. For the piano, there are theory practice scales as well as a range of ability pieces. Great to be able to hear the music before download. :T
  • Anyone any advise. My son keeps losing his music case at school with his cello and piano books in. We keep having to replace them as they don't turn up again. It is therefore very expensive and means he isn't able to practice and is limited in what he can do in his lessons. I know the copying laws are strict but are we able to keep a copy at all?

    He is being bullied and so I am wondering if this is related and so will be talking to school as I would have thought if they were mislaid they would turn up as no one else would want them.

    Advise appreciated as always and thanks for the above link.
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  • dizzylizdizzyliz
    541 posts
    Forumite - is a sharing piano music site, its really good to get any music you want for free!!! - for piano and i think guitar.
    Thank you
    Liz x
  • i also like for violin music :j
  • JR19JR19
    106 posts
    does anyone know of any other websites? Thanks
  • fatpiggyfatpiggy
    388 posts
    Hi Shop to drop - sorry to hear your lad is having problems. No doubt the fact that he is learning an instrument is making him a target. You are entitled to take photocopies for your own practice - not for performance unless the piece is out of copyright.
  • I'm not convinced that the music from the website above is really free, seems that you have to pay a membership fee of £29.95 to download anything.

    A huge library of free sheet music (music out of copyright) is available at the Petrucci Music Library
  • CoffeeCupCoffeeCup
    262 posts
    Maybe it was free when this thread was started - nearly three years ago!!
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