direct auto financial/hillesden securities

hi me and my husband took a car out with yes car credit on 8th Aug 2005, we kept uptodate with the payment till 2nd april 2007 when we wrote to them and told them we no longer wanted to carry on and wanted to hand the car back witch they came and collected on 28th june 2007 and sold it which they got £1,222,57 for it! whitch made the total money we had paid was £4836.18 and we was told by direct auto financial that we had nothing else to pay because we had payed over half of the term!So we was fine by that untill 2nd feb 2009 when we got a letter off D,L,C Demanding payment of £2800 So i sent a letter off request a cca whitch i got back to day, the letter say Thank you for your recent letter i can confirm and advise the following- 1.Please find enclosed a copy of the key pages of sales agreement between hillesden Sercurites and direct auto financial servces. Please note that we will not be able to supply a full copy of the agreement because the information contained within it is commercially sensitive,however,we would be happy to supply a full copy a judge when required in court.
2.In this case the sole purpose of the document is to prove that we acquired a batch of account from direct auto finacince of which your account is included.It will not contain personal information specific to your agreement. 3. Please find enclosed a copy of your original agreement along witha statement of account from our client. I'm not saying i dont own them money because i maybe do but im going off what direct told us, so ive looked at the agreement and in the small print its got you have a right to end this agreement , to do so please write to the person you make payment to, they will then be entitled to the return of the goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement that is £3826.32 if you have already paid this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonab;le care of the goods you will not have to pay anymore well we have paid £4836.18 so we shouldnt have anything to pay? when i rang them they said it's the insurance premium that we own! im totally confuessed by it all now! can anyone help me please?
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