Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

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    Wow - obviously I don't know everything that I thought - only managed 10 out of 25 but definitely gave me food for thought.....might have to see at a later date if I can get my IQ higher than 127
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    I got 20/25.... IQ of 181. There are somethings that I was bound to get wrong like the Credit Card APR minimum payment payoff length, as being true to moneysaving, I wouldn't have a high rate APR card paying the minimum payment, so personally don't care how long it would take to pay off.. apart from it being "ages".
  • Regarding the downshift challenge:

    I've noticed that in recent weeks the prices of the 'basics' range in my local supermarket (in my case Asda) have been steadily creeping up and are now very close to the 'standard own brand'. I'm not so sure that dropping from 'own brand' to 'basics' still represents such a fabulous saving as it once did. But, hey, what the heck! I'm getting used to colour co-ordinated cupboards ;).
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