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Has anyone got any suggestions on where to go that is value for money, both my partner and I are going to have a really difficult summer due to work commitments and are going to try (!) to unwind after this summer in Oct at an all inclusive resort, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!


  • tobago22
    Just go to Barbados-anywhere-the best place in the world.
    Failing that try Jolly Beach in Antigua
  • grumbler
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    irishspur wrote: unwind after this summer in Oct at an all inclusive resort,
    Make sure it is right season for your destination. For example, for Dominican Republic:
    Tropical cyclones--such as tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes--occur on the average of once every two years in the Dominican Republic. Over 65 percent of the storms strike the southern part of the country, especially along the Hoya de Enriquillo. The season for cyclones lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November; some cyclones occur in May and December, but most take place in September and October. Hurricanes usually occur from August through October. They may produce winds greater than 200 kilometers per hour and rainfall greater than 50 centimeters in a twenty-four-hour period.
  • saveapenny
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    October is still hurrican season and very hot and humid choose your Island carefuly.
    Antigua is the driest of the Islands and Dominica is one of the wetest
    Jolly Beach is nice if you like big
    Barbados I agree anywhere is nice but if you dont like it lively keep away from the Gap
    Aruba is nice gets a low rain fall but is very American
    I love Grenada its everything the Caribbean should be completley chilled, friendly with excellent food
    If you look anything like your passport photo....Your too ill to travel
  • Vicky82
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    I went to Dominican Republic last October (End Oct beginning Now) and the weather was glorious - not one day of rain and the temperature remained above 40 degrees C the whole time we were there. I paid around £500 all inclusive but this included petrol down to Manchester airport from Aberdeen and car parking at the airport so actual price of holiday was probably slightly less. Me and my friend got a last minute deal. Booked it on the Friday we flew on the Tuesday. The food was great (though we felt it was too hot to be bothered to eat some days, and the effort to walk the 10 steps to get the food seemed like too much of an effort at times!), the people were lovely - really friendly and the accomodation and resort were both really nice.

    My friend quite often gets very ill on holiday and this time was no exception and she ended up in hospital but the staff couldn't have been nicer - I was allowed to stay in the room with her - they brought me food as well as her and it was very very clean. But that's just a by the by of how good the people are there.

    We stayed at Paradise Beach in the Playa Dorada resort in Puerto Plata and flew with Thomas Cook.
  • Cardew
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    The hurricane season is from May to November. It covers the northern part of S.America, Carribean islands, Mexico, Florida and a few States north of that. It also covers huge areas of the Far East(Typhoons).

    This fixation with hurricanes is inexplicable. You have far more chance of death/injury on your journey.

    There are earthquakes, floods, tornados(incl in Birmingham UK ) Fires, Lightning & terrorist activities in most parts of the world in which we holiday.

    The Tsunami in the Far East probably killed more holiday makers than all the casualties from hurricanes in history.

    If the Hurricane season is a worry to you then never go on any holiday, don't even leave the house.

    From another thread.

    "This hurricane threat is blown out of all proportion especially for tourists. Millions of people live in Florida and millions more holiday there in the hurricane season. It is sometimes portrayed as if it is as dangerous as walking in downtown Baghdad waving an Israeli flag.

    You get several days of warning of a hurricane approaching and you simply leave the area if you think it is to be a risk. The only people killed -and there have been very few in the last few years in Florida - have been those who ignored warnings to vacate and took the risk.

    I have been in Florida when three hurricanes have hit the State. The only time one came near to where I was staying I moved to the other coast and went fishing.

    If you are worried about hurricanes bringing poor weather, the day after it passes the weather is back to normal.

    The risk of being killed in a traffic accident is several hundred times more than being killed in a hurricane.
  • pin
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    What about Tobago? I'm going there in March (not going all inclusive though). Found a very good website for info on Tobago:
    "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" - Mahatma Gandhi
  • budgetflyer
    Options are part of Global travel group. Have a look and give them a ring. Very helpfull and good prices too.
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