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how much does it cost to run central haeting at 18 degrees for 6 hours a day?

I do apologise if i have not posted this correctly- I am new to this.
If i have osted incorrectly, please advise so i do not hack people off in future.
I am a single mum, in a badly insulated home(due to part finished extension, when my now (thank god) ex husband walked out on my son and I when he was 5 months old.
I have a worcester bosch 35 cdi condensing boiler installed.
Given my circumstances(very tight on money) I am petrified of a large bill, so could anybody advise/point me in the direction how much it would cost to have the heating on in this cold snap for 6 hours per day at 18 degrees/ how much per hour at this temp???


  • KimYeovil
    KimYeovil Posts: 6,156 Forumite
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    Only way to tell is to read your meter. See how much is used the first hour, see how much is used the hour afterwards. Work out how much that costs.

    For your tariff, work out how much one meter unit (or one tenth of a unit) costs and keep an eye on the meter.

    There are too many variables (with very large ranges) to provide any meaningful guesses.
  • bridgie28
    thanks, sorry if it sounds petty, but I have been left with nothing but benefits to claim from the lovely ex, am scared of costs, but need to try and keep my boy warm during this bad weather, he already has conjuntivitis and a cough/cold, the latter two has been coming and going for last two months.
  • Magentasue
    Magentasue Posts: 4,229 Forumite
    Work out how much you can afford a day. Then work out how many kwh you can get for that (probably about 25kwh for £1). If you have a metric meter, that's about 2.3 units on your meter. If you have an imperial meter, it's about 0.8 meter units for that £1.

    I'm working on about £5 a day while it's cold which is about 4.5 imperial meter units for me. I don't read the meter every day, but I do check every week so that I can see that we're not using too much.
  • KimYeovil
    KimYeovil Posts: 6,156 Forumite
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    Is the meter metric or imperial? Ie has it ft3 or m3 written on it? If it's metric one meter unit uses 11.3 kWh , if it's imperial one meter unit uses 33 kWh.

    The gas tariff uses the price per kWh. Look at your Tier 2 price (say 3.77p).
    For a metric meter 1 meter unit costs 1 x 11.3 x £0.0377 or 43p
    For an imperial meter 1 meter unit costs 1 x 33 x £0.0377 or £1.24
    For an imperial meter 1 tenth of a meter unit costs 12.4p

    Once you've worked out the cost (in your case) for a single unit or a tenth of a unit you can keep a note of how much you're spending and keep a note of your readings.
  • Cardew
    Cardew Posts: 29,042 Forumite
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    I would be surprised if it would be less than £40 a week in this weather.
  • welshlil
    welshlil Posts: 126 Forumite
    I pay £10-00 a week for gas and £10-00 a week for electric for every week of the year. During the summer when fuel is used less I accumulate credit towards the winter bills. Last year in the autumn I had over £100 rebate on both gas and electric, (I know they have my money and are getting the interest, but I prefer it that way) I was expecting a high gas and electricity this quarter due to the cold and increased costs, but my electric is down by £40-00 and gas by £1-00 from this time last year! My heating is on and off from 8ish in morning till midnight - turn it on if I'm cold, turn it off when I go out - or too warm, usually set around 17 deg. Never have kitchen radiator on, as stove warms room when I'm cooking. I have installed light energy saving bulbs in every room, and turn everything off at sockets when not in use - microwave, ntl box, tvs straighteners, etc must of worked as bill cheaper.
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