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Olympus E410 DSLR Kit £149.00

Hi, For those who missed out on the PC World Deal, Just been to Sainsbury's and saw Olympus E410 Kit for £149.00 (with 14-42mm Lens)



  • crazygeordiegirl
    I spotted this one too. Gutted as I have just bought a nikon d40 off ebay!
  • Sui_Generis
    Sui_Generis Posts: 1,177 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Fantastic price and it has the superior 14-42 lens.
  • Bumbles2
    Bumbles2 Posts: 404 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    None in any of my locals. Where did you see this?
  • Renovatio
    Sainsburys Tewekesbury Road, Gloucester has one left; a little too far for me to go.:mad:
  • sygonrima
    Phoned my 2 local Sainsburys and the staff were not much use (they were very helpful but not too competant) and neither appeared to have it in stock. If anyone sees one within 25 miles of Southend please PM me.

  • flashy
    flashy Posts: 139 Forumite
    isnt there only 3 focal points on this DSLR? you may as well save your money and get one with at least 5-7 AF points, otherwise you will be taking photographs with about as much focal skill as a compact digital camera.

    Good price though, but wouldnt like to pay full whack for it.
  • toyboy_2
    toyboy_2 Posts: 53 Forumite
    There's a lot more to a DSLR than the number of AF points it has! A lot of the time you're much better off using manual focus anyway.

    This is a great camera at a great price, not quite as good as the previous PC World offer, but there's still nothing that can compete in this price range.
  • star1_2
    star1_2 Posts: 424 Forumite
    I was able to get the E410 in the Earlier PC world Offer at the start of the year.... it's a great peice of kit ....

    Regarding Focal points (I agree with toyboy), the main idea of a DSLR is that you get "creative" with your photography by using the numerous manual/override features (focus, shutter delay etc etc) ....

    .... numerous auto/focal points is a feature thats more releveant to point-and-shoot cameras, it helps great better "auto-focused" images, without having to take time to worry about "setting up the image/camera" .... I've a Panasonic Lumix too, it's a great camera, has numerous automatic features (inc focal points) and takes fantastic images - but overiding settings to get that "special, creative shot" is not really an option ....

    IMHO - For me - it's the Lumix, when I want a good, easy shot (but not too creative), and for special/creative shots, taking more time/hassle - its the E410 ....
  • neet87
    neet87 Posts: 96 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker Mortgage-free Glee!
    None at the showground Sainsburys, Norwich :(
  • Pie123
    Pie123 Posts: 232 Forumite
    On jessops the lens alone is £169. So if you have a olympus already it is a great price for a lens and you get a spare body
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