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  • You know, it's pretty interesting finding out how programmes are put together behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I suspect that childcare duties will preclude me from watching the programme.
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  • Looking forward to the programme tonight as this is one area you haven't yet sorted out for me. I've instigated all the measures that you have suggested that I am comfortable with , and owe you a debt of thanks.
    One area I would like to discuss in the future is the high cost of buying and installing
    products which create hot water and electricity. Many of these are well outside the purchasing power of us ordinary people, especially during the current financial crisis.
    Would it not be possible with all the manpower about to become available to set up
    an industry to utilize the manpower, the vacant factory premises, and to train people
    in a new and exciting industry to produce affordable Green products that we can all afford. Some of the money currently being splashed about in the direction of the Banks and other financial institutions would be nice.
    .We need all the available power we can get to avoid the stranglehold of countries like Russia, who have already proved their capabilities in this area
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    Just hope they don't cut to an ad-break when you're getting to an important bit!
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    Just hope they don't cut to an ad-break when you're getting to an important bit!
    ..........especially if it's an own goal :rotfl:
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • I think they will be in trouble if they invest in gold, houses, spread betting and the stock market. These people just want a bit more money until they pop off, not some investment to leave to their grasping kids !

    So what is wrong with suggesting that they take out an Immediate Vesting Personal Pension e.g. Standard life, paying 6 to 11% ? They would invest £2880 each and immediately get back a tax free lump sum of £900. The government would add £720, so for a couple, the investment would be £1980 each and the return for a couple each aged 65 would be around £160 a year. So for £3960 they would get an annual return of £320. I realise that when the 'go' that would be the end of their investment but that is not what is worrying them right now.

    In April they would be able to get another, so for less than £8000 they would be getting £620 a year or £12 a week. And your advisers were telling them to consider gold or spread betting on something they don't have a clue about.

    Give me strength
  • This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

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    Watched the programme, brilliant! Where do we go from here?
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    ITV doesn't have an online player to watch this does it? I missed it.
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    Liked the Middle Aged couple who had £300,000 savings and were complaining they were "Hard Up" as they were now getting less interest and couldn't afford this and that.!!
  • I was disappointed in the show, I know that a fixed rate account is a good idea and as I am over 65 the 3 options to alternative "saving" do not apply property(what another house that nobody wants to buy), shares (markets in freefall)and bet spreading (gambling), so forget the hype what do people do in a very low interest environment Martin.
    I would have thought the best idea would have been to get all savers together to have a go at Brown and Darling, petitions e mail etc.

    gary (is it just me)
  • Further to my comments about Immediate Vesting Personal Pensions, these are available for people under 75. While I quoted the income that would be received by a man who starts one at age 65 (£159), a man of 74 would receive as much as £211 a year on an outlay of £1980. This would be the amazing percentage of 11.94% (taxable) for the rest of his life. I think if I was 74 that would be a little more acceptable than investing in gold, property, stocks and shares or ISA's - even though it would eliminate the capital at the end. Unfortunately I missed the boat and will have to put up with my miserable ISAs :mad:
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