how much to pay for a haircut?

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I had a cut short a pretty high class salon awhile and paid a £10 as it was with one of their trainees. I've since been back when I could afford too and had it cut back into shape at a cost of around £35 - this was the quickest £35 Ive ever spent as the whole cut was over and done with inside 30 mins!!

I like the hair cut a lot, its very fashionable and Ive found that its quite difficult to get a hairdresser who actually cares about what they are cutting you hair into and can give decent advice.

I'm just wondering I am I being a bit tight and is this reasonable or should I go elsewhere?




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    I used to pay £40+ for a haircut, but then went to a very nice salon (in selfridges in Birmingham), and had my haircut there with someone I didn't know. He costs £27.50, which I think is a bargain.
    I have a very high maintenance hair cut, and he spends ages deciding with me what I want, giving his advice (he tells me if he thinks I am wrong!), and is just generally a very, very good hair dresser. I really feel like he cares about how my hair looks. He will tailor it to suit what I am doing, eg before a holiday or a special occasion.

    At £27.50 I can afford to get it done regularly enough to keep it looking good.
    I think £35 is reasonable but not if you don't think they are putting in the effort.
  • I dont get my hair cut, but my daughter does and it costs her around £18 for a cut and blow dry. (not a restyle)

    I would think anymore than that for 30 minutes work is quite a an average town hairdressers.

    £35 seems like a designer hairdressers price to me.
  • If you are happy with the cut I think £35 is reasonable. I pay about £45 and he only takes about 15 mins but I like how he cuts my hair how he treats me, ie listenens to what I want and doesn't ask inane questions about where I am going on holiday etc.

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    I've been Money Tipped!
    £35 is what I would pay for a restyle and blowdry (which I would expect to last for 3 days).

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    Gosh, I get a cut, colour and blow dry in our local salon for £42.00. It's an out of town one where most of the clientele are retired pensioners, but I am not (yet) and my lovely stylist Kate does an excellent job.
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    lol well i'm definitely not a pensioner .... the salon is in the city centre tho and I guess you pay partly for that. I have been to such salons though and found that I seem to end up with old style haircut or something with no originality about it. Maybe the trainee was willing to spend more time as she not used to the mundane-ness and the normal appts are where the money is coming in ...

  • £35 is resonable for a cut and blow dry, but only as long as you think that they pay attention to what you want doing with your hair.
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  • I have mine trimmed every 5 weeks as it grows and breaks easiy. costs me 13 pounds. a full cut and blow dry costs about 27.50. i may try selfridges now after the poster above!
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    For a higher end town centre salon I still think it's a little high but then you don't say whether you are city centre?

    Our town centre salon charges £24 for wash and cut and think its £52 for a colour.
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    its a city centre, Preston to be exact.

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