how to become a debt counsellor/money advisor

hi there,
new to this site and would like to ask about above question,i am very keen to start a new career and fancy a complete change,i like helping people and would be interested in a new career as a debt counsellor.Any advice on where to start i.e. what training needed,what pay to expect,work hours,can you work from home,promotion prospects,is there any paid training.
thanks in advance,and i am based in kent


  • BlankieBlankie Forumite
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    Probably not the best forum to post in.

    I would suggest try the 'employment' forum. Or better still - why not try posting on the 'ask a cccs counsellor' bit?

    I started training as a CAB advisor a few years back. I had to give it up for one reason or another but its something I plan to go back to one day.
    Good luck
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