EDT, EDP & Parfum ... Huh?

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I'm the first to admit I'm uncultured in these things :rotfl: I'm really not a girly girl and I haven't the first clue what the difference is, though I'm guessing Parfum is the actual perfume and the other two are diluted versions of such.

Now. I do wear perfume but the ones I buy myself are Red Door [yum :D] and Red Jeans - I did have a nice benetton one but it broke.

It's my birthday tomorrow and for it I've been given a red door giftset - perfect as I was just running out :D I have an EDT and a body lotion - but there's also a small 5ml bottle of parfum.

... So what do I do with it? :o Is it there for special occasions to last longer or do you mix parfum with stuff to make it last longer? Like I said - heavily uncultured :rotfl:

Thanks guys!
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  • I'm not entirely sure either though I'm sure someone will know more but I think parfum is a more concentrated version so it will last longer and you don't need as much, and that's why it's more expensive. I have mostly EDT and when I do wear my only perfume which is a parfum - J'adore, I always have to remember to just one tiny spray as it's so powerful, you don't need to mix it with anything.

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    EDT = (weak and the fragrance/smell won't last very long after you've sprayed) Eau De Toilette

    EDP = (greater concentration of perfume and should last for hours after you've sprayed) Eau De Parfum

    Parfum = (will last for hours after you've sprayed) Pure Perfume

    I never buy EDT for any fragrance, I believe it's a waste of money.

    I buy EDP because the fragrance lasts for hours after it's been sprayed and it's affordable.

    I can't afford to buy Parfum or Pure Perfume..............but if you can afford it, it's the best/purest form of the fragrance.

    For EDP and Parfum, it's important to store them in a cool dark plce like a drawer or cupboard. If they are stored in a warm place exposed to sunlight (like on a window sill or dressing table), the fragrance will go off or denature.

    I keep EDP in a drawer and it lasts for years/the fragrance doesn't go off.;)

    If you have EDT, use it up first because it doesn't have a long shelf life.

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  • Much appreciated ladies, thank you v much :)
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