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Hi, i hope someone will be able to help me, i'm claiming back £383. in failed direct debits from the halifax i'm claiming it back under hardship i've sent the 1st letter to which they have said they acknowledge my complaint and that i;m experiencing financial difficulties and they think £35 for a failed direct debit is fair blah blah blah but they cannot resond to my claim until the test case has gone through and they have sent me a common financial statment to fill in, i do know that as i'm facing hardship they have to look at it but these are the things i'm not sure about
1, at one point they were taking £90 a week, i called them told them i got paid monthy and there would be no money in the account to cover the charge so could they delay it untill i'd been paid and got told no and that i would incurr another charge because of it so i had no choice but to be paid into a different account, my halifax account is still open but not active but i do owe them79p but there unwillingness to help me is the reason i had to change banks
2,i have recently had to leave my job due to the fact that someone called in the enviromental health and they had a field day with what they found, i was blamed for this and it became quite obvious they wanted rid of me so left before i was sacked,my reasoning is no prospective employer is going belive that it wasnt my fault if i got sacked, would the fact i left my job make any difference
3, i've had my final wage which has been enough to see me through this months bills however i'm on a suspended notice for repossion of my council house and if i miss one payment of rent or the arrears i will have my house repossed
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