How much to pay the mechanic?

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A friend of a friend will be servicing my car over the weekend.

I got all the stuff for a basic service but what going rates should I be paying yer man to do the job?
Don't want to underpay him so he's calling me names afterwards and won't do the car again?!
It's a focus.

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  • brightonman123brightonman123 Forumite
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    should have agreed a price before he started! (and ask if he does cashback etc?! lol)
    Long time away from MSE, been dealing real life stuff..
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  • basillbasill Forumite
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    If its a "beer" job a few jars afterwards should suffice, otherwise give him a ring and ask how much you need to get out of the bank to pay him.

  • thebaldwindowfitterthebaldwindowfitter Forumite
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    we have just had wifes astra serviced including parts for the 3rd year (car 6 years old) its always been serviced with this garage better than the garage and all in was £120 including parts and new bulb in headlight
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  • hewhoisnotintheknowhewhoisnotintheknow Forumite
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    ask him how much he wants would seem logical
  • i would second that, ask him how much he wants for doing the job.
    if its just filters plugs and oil then it wont take any longer than an hour,so consider an average car mechanic would earn around £9-£10 an hour, and you as a customer would probably pay around £40 - £50 an hour if you took it to a garage.
    so i would say somewhere in between that, say £20 for the filters oil and plugs.
    if he is taking wheels of and adjusting brakes and stuff then a bit more. permit granted!
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