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Hi All,

I recently did an order from Asda and on their website it clearly states payment will be debited on the day of delivery. So I placed an order for a specific date.

The day before delivery Asda reqested payment from my bank. I received a text message from them at 10 am on the day before the planned delivery saying that the payment had not gone through - I tried to call them but got no answer & I had to work late that day so couldn;t keep ringing & holding for an advisor.

I managed to get through on the planned delivery date and they said the payment had gone though - food delivered all ok.

Now I've been hit by £35 fee from Nat West, and another £70 cumulative as other payments I had made had taken me over my limit because of the £35 fee. Natwest confirm the payment was requested on the day before the delivery was due. In fact the charge related states the date of the payment request as the day before the delivery was due.

I only use my Nat west acc for internet & shopping so am always ensure there is enough funds - I do not normally pay any charges except int. on my OD. & transfer funds in & out when necessary.

NatWest have refused to refund the charges as they say it is not their error.
Asda are stating they took the payment on on the delivery date, and only applied a holding fee of £1 on the day before the delivery was due.

On Asda's webpage it clearly states that payment will be deducted on delivery date. My confirmation email states the date it will be debited also but they definately applied for it the day before which ahs caused all the charges.

Any ideas where I stand here?

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