How many days are in your meter billing period?

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The reason that i ask is because i`m sure that ours were around 90 days per quarter billing period.

My last bill gives the dates 01/10/08 to 30/11/08 and then on the same bill 01/12/08 to 01/01/09 so i have a four week period and also an 8 week period.

I have a two tier tariff which means that the first xx amount of units are billed at a higher price and afterwards it drops to a lower price for all other usage.

The 2 billing periods mean that i am paying the higher price again when i thought that all the rest of the units were at the lower price IYKWIM.

I`m with SP on the fixed price 2009 option. Maybe i missed something somewhere and something has been altered, i would be interested to know what other peoples billing periods are and which provider you have if poss please.


Planning on starting the GC again soon :p


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    I put my meter readings into SP on the last day of each month and a bill is generated so I can't tell you my normal quarter. The usual reason for a split on a bill is if the price has changed - did you change tariff in that bill period? Or was the meter read then for any reason?
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    Your tier 1/tier2 should not be affected by the span of the bill - it should be adjusted pro rata by Scottish Power. Look at the number of days each period covers. Add together the number of Tier 1 units in both periods - they should add together to be about the same as in a 90 day quarter.

    If it's a gas bill they should still both add up to about 1143kWh (split 754 and 389), for electricity 225kWh (split 148 and 77). If not, a mistake has been made.
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    thankyou very much for your replies.

    Magentasue - after going back through a couple of bills i can see that this has started to happen a lot, but there has been no change of tariff or price so i can`t quite work out why, the only time that it hasn`t happened is when i put the meter readings in on the last day of the month as a one off for a 4 week bill. Perhaps for ease of reading i shall start to do this if it dosen`t have any downside. If i do this then is the higher rate evened out over the correct time period by SP and i won`t be on the higher rate for longer than i should? IYKWIM sorry to sound so dense but i find it quite confusing.

    Kim Yeovil - From the info that you posted it seems very similar so i suspect that it may indeed be ok, thankyou.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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