Scottish Hydro owe me money!

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I've got prepayment meters for both electric and gas and switched suppliers a few months ago from Scottish Hydro (Scottish and Southern Energy), to N Power.
Received the final statement from Hydro which states that I am in credit to the tune of over £50, which will be 'credited to my account', but i don't have an account as i have switched suppliers!
I phoned and got fobbed off with 'it doesn't really exist, it's just an accounting thingy!'
Anyone else experience similar, and do they owe me cash and how do I get it?


  • Pink_fluff
    You have Pay as you go meters. Therefore - You can't owe them money and they can't owe you money. All the money you put onto your key/gas card - goes onto the meter and is used up when you use gas and elec. Think of it like a mobile - you can't build up a credit balance as such, any credit goes towards your calls.

    When you switched supplies, say you had £5 left on the meter - that is still your £5 and will still be used up.
  • Rick38
    Rick38 Posts: 31 Forumite
    I think there is more to it than that, as i have been asked to pay an 'outstanding' balance in the past when switching suppliers whilst using prepayment meters.
    I just got my statement from N power for electricity, it shows all my payments and all power used. They say I am £35 in the red, even though I pay up front!
    I think a lot of 'smoke and mirrors' is used to confuse people who are on pre-pay schemes.
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    Many times a credit or debt is left if the reads used on change of supplier are incorrect. For some reason people on Prepayment meters think they do not have to supply readings. Unless you are someone who deliberately puts a lot of money in advance onto the meter - such as a gentleman I spoke to who had put his winter fuel allowance on his so had over £90 on the meter- you should never build up a credit.
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  • Rick38
    Rick38 Posts: 31 Forumite
    I think i know what has happened. When the supply switched, I had not got a new meter key from N power so I had to use the old one, which was paying Scottish Hydro, until the new one was sorted. This will explain the 'credit' with Hydro and the 'debit' with N Power.
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    Although you pay for gas and electricity directly through your meter suppliers have a duty to provide you with a bill. This is to show how they have worked out the charges on the meter and the payments you have made. This is particularly the case when you change supplier.

    Ideally, the bill should balance payments with charges but this is not always the case.

    I think your post today explains what has happened. Using the old suppliers' key is a common way off creating a credit or debit on accounts. Call your new supplier and tell them what has happened. They will apply for payments made using the old key. They will then be transferred to your new account.

    Also tell the old supplier what has happened. The more you keep all parties informed the better.
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  • CloudedPearl
    Contrary to popular belief, prepayment meters do not operate in the same manner as pay as you go mobiles. Although intended to allow you to pay in advance for your energy, this is dependent on the settings on the meter reflecting the correct current prices.

    For example, if your prepayment meter is set at 7p per unit and the actual energy price is 10p per unit, it follows that you will when you receive your statement you will owe 3p for each unit of energy used.

    This has historically been a problem with electricity token meters which require a meter reader to visit and physically adjust the settings on your meter. If the meter reader has been unable to gain access or the supplier has not arranged for a meter reader to visit and adjust the settings, then this can result in you being billed for energy that your meter has not collected money for. Gas quantum meters and the new electricity key meters should be updated automatically after any price increases which should, in theory, mean that your payments accurately reflect your actual usage.

    Even if a supplier does manage to gain access to adjust a token meter after a price increases, it is unlikely to be immediately on the day the new prices take effect and you may still have a small amount due resulting from the period between the price increase and your meter being adjusted.

    The reverse is also true - if the unit price on your meter is set higher than the actual current price, then your statements would indicate a credit balance due to your meter collecting more than the value of your energy charges.

    In any event, assuming you are being billed to actual meter readings, you are not being overcharged or double billed for energy, you are simply being asked to pay for energy which you have actually used but your meter has not collected payment for.
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