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Cotton washable nappies (not referral)

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Cotton washable nappies (not referral)

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Anyone interested in cotton washable nappies may like to have a look at who do these too, as well as organic cotton clothing for babies and children.

I hasten to add that I have no connection with this site!


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    also have a look at

    We currently use these through one of their distributors. They are shaped nappies, washable - just note, the minimum weiht you can use them from .. had to use expensive disposables at first !

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    Also use Tots Bots for my little one but he was prem , so had to use disposables for a while . Have heard that you can use folded muslins as a first size nappy . "The Nappy Lady" & Twinkle on the Web" give out excellent advice on washable nappies & sell a wide range of products .
    The initial outlay for washables can be quite expensive - there is quite a big second hand market for these nappies & some Councils also offer vouchers/discounts to encourage the use of washables & to try to reduce land fill .
    Have not had any problems with the Tots Bots & don't find washing nappies any hassle at all - just bung them on a hot wash & then hang them to dry !
  • ours is due on september 10th and we've invested in



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  • Make sure you have some disposables too nil. i use bambino with my newborn and the runny poo leaks onto the covers. We easily get through 1 cover each changing time...not too helpful.
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  • Hiya,

    Thanks for that advice

    We've used disposcables until about 2 hours ago for little baby Asha.

    The first pack of disposable ran out so we thought we'd take the plunge and put the Bambino Mio on her (with great difficulty i might add!)

    Her poos are Very runny - and we'll find out within the next hour or so if they have worked - other wise i'll have to run to Tesco and buy some more!!

    We've been really paranoid about the Bambinomio because there is a huge gap on the sides - we *KNOW* its an accident waiting to happen!!!

    Will let you now


    Formerly known as Gadget Freak!!!
    (oh and i dont know how to change my name...)
  • For a whole new forum on this topic (cloth nappies), try the following link.

    For those real die hard savers out there you can buy cloth nappies 2nd hand.

    This may sound horrid but as you wash the nappies a few times they become sooo much more absorbent, and as long as the elastic is ok they will last ages. My wife and I are on our 2nd child, and still using some of the 2nd hand nappies we bought for #1.

    It is also a good (and cheaper) way to see if you get on with the cloth nappies.

    #1 is now out of nappies, #2 is a new addition, even so, both were wearing cloth from about 1 week old.

    We are now in negotiations for #3. (No, not to get maximum use out of the nappies!)

    (watch this space!!)
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  • Ooops, forgot the link I was getting so carried away!
    Make me RICH!!!!!!
  • I only started using washable nappies properly with my third child and find them far more reliable than disposables for containment

    there are ways of folding prefold nappies such as bambino mio's to improve containment

    the way the baby is fed also affects the nature of their output too
    breast fed baby's tend to be a bit more liquid in habit!

    I can also recommend the ukparents cloth nappy fourm and the nappy lady website as great sources of information
    Baby Milk Action is a non-profit organisation which aims to save lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding.
  • The Cloth Resource is a great source of info for reusuables ;D
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