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Ive just applied and been accepted for a tesco credit card. Couple of questions really. Firstly, how long has it taken in peoples experiences on here to receive their card? Secondly, when they send the pin number separately, do they send it once the card is activated or do they send it a few days after they send the card out? Also, anyone know how the buy now pay later function works with buying from Tesco Direct. I cannot seem to find anything on the tesco direct site that is available for buy now pay later.


  • stevenj36

    I applied on Friday 5th Jan and had the PIN delivered Thurs 11th and the card delivered Friday 12th Jan.

    Don't know about the by now pay later but I'm sure someone else will.

  • naijapower
    naijapower Posts: 1,393 Forumite
    Just wonderimng what sorts of limits they issue especially as it crunch time. when i applied a year, i got offered 2.5k limit, my income was 28K
  • mab2000
    mab2000 Posts: 130 Forumite
    That sounds like a quick turnaround hopefully i may get it soon so i can get the thing i need.

    On the subject of account limits, i earn about half of what your annual salary is, yet they have offered me a £2.5k credit limit. But i know that i must have a good credit rating as i don't have too much credit, haven't missed payments etc, and have run another credit card over last year which i clear monthly.
  • cf11liam
    cf11liam Posts: 25 Forumite
    pin comes seperate for security reasons

    imagine the field day anyone could have knowing theres a credit card AND pin number in the same letter, if it were to fall in the wrong hands

    EDIT: sorry misread what you said

    pin usually comes before
  • seeya23
    seeya23 Posts: 2,330 Forumite
    Buy Now - Pay Later enables UK Tesco Credit Card holders to make purchases from Tesco Direct online and over the phone on selected items, interest free for a fixed number of months. Find out more...
    Use your Tesco Credit Card to buy selected items through Tesco Direct and get 0% interest with no minimum repayments for 6 or 12 months.
    • 0% for 12 months on selected items at Tesco Direct for £500 and above
    • 0% for 6 months on selected items at Tesco Direct below £500
    • No deposit required for your purchase
    • No monthly payment required for your Buy Now – Pay Later balance
    • No early repayment fees when you pay off your Buy Now - Pay Later balance
    • No deferred interest, unlike some of our competitors
    • Buy Now -Pay Later is exclusive to Tesco Classic, Platinum, Clubcard and Bonus Credit Card customers purchasing from Tesco Direct.
    You can order goods online at https://www.tesco.com, at Tesco Direct store desks & over the phone.
    Visit Tesco Direct at www.tesco.com to see the range of great value products that you can Buy Now – Pay Later with your Tesco Credit Card.
    The offer is exclusive to UK Tesco personal credit card holders, with sufficient remaining credit card on their card.
    At the end of your Buy Now Pay Later Period, the outstanding balance will be treated as a normal purchase balance and charged at your standard purchase rate².
  • dazza.mk
    dazza.mk Posts: 1,927 Forumite
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    Looking at this myself. Anyone know how you can actually see what "selected items" are available under Buy Now Pay Later.


    Ignore I've just found a number of Sofas with 'buy now pay nothing for 6 months' under the description
  • mab2000
    mab2000 Posts: 130 Forumite
    Well done dazza.mk for actually spotting something on Tesco direct that is available on buy now pay later! Ive looked at loads of things on Tesco direct and it seems that they only have sofas available on buy now pay later. Hardly an offer to shout about!
  • mab2000
    mab2000 Posts: 130 Forumite
    Now that the new catalogue has come out ive notice that theres a much bigger variety of products available for buy now pay later ( eg. beds, laptops, TV's). This makes the offer of buy now pay later much more attractive!
  • Gorgeous_George
    Surely it should be Have now Pay later?

    There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those that don't.
  • never-in-doubt
    never-in-doubt Posts: 20,613 Forumite
    anyone know if the tesco card is actually processed at the same place as the natwest cards etc, i.e. southend-on-sea or if you have been refused RBS card can you still get Tesco or are they directly linked (like virgin and mbna etc)?
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