How much does it cost to build your own house

How much would it cost to have my own 3/4 bed detached house built for me, as I might be able to get some land cheap.

I just wondered what the costs were for building & designing your own home.


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    I think the calcuation goes something like 1/3rd for the land 1/3rd for the build and 1/3rd profit or something, but someone might be able to correct me :)

    All depends on the house you want to build but I imagine it would be around 100k but remember you dont pay vat on materials if you self-build.

    Its the cost of the land that is expensive in the uk, so you might be onto a winner there. Plots in my area go for over 100,000.
    Save save save!!
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    if you want to self build by buying a frame then check out potton they give standard frame prices and i belive they will give u a guide price for the total build or even undertake it themselves

    to build from scratch i am not sure but as the previous poster said it depends on the house and style.. what sort of footings you need etc etc

    one thing i would say having done the same thing myself with my ex hub (guess one of the reasons he is an ex) is dont do it if u dont have enough money it will drag on for years and years and put a tremendous strain on any relationships

    good luck
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  • if you are intrested in self build, the builder we do a lot of work have there own company that builds timber frames houses for them, you can (as a member of public buy these as well) get these at a very reasonable prices.

    prices start from around 18k+vat, all you need to do is provide the base for the house to sit on which i'm sure they'll advise you as well

    try there web site -

    worth a look to give an idea of whats out there!

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    my own personal choice for a timber frame co is deeside timberframe

    see below link for house designs and costings
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    WHen I was building my house, I was told to consider £40 per square foot for the cost of the build of the house, and it wasn't far of the mark, but then i had a LOT of ground work todo to the site before I could start.

    The house builders bible is a good start as well and really helpful, if you do a search for self build in google there are loads of sites that give information.

    If you are building your house as timberframe make sure your architect submits plans for a timberframe house and not a block one, as mine did, as I now have to change my planning permission......

    If you are based in Northern Ireland I would try timberframe homes for your timberframe, as they were really helpful with mine :)
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    Good question!

    It would be an easy answer to say 'how long is a piece of the proverbial string' etc. This slightly misses the point though - the building industry in my opinion seems to purposefully obfuscate the pricing of construction. I find this one of the main frustrations in the industry. Where else can you sit and look at a catalogue and not have any prices! I want to see a door handle, say, and know exactly how much it'll cost. Then I can decide whether I want door handle A at £5 or door handle B at £50 - and there really is that much difference.

    So, I agree with one post - get the housebuilder's bible - brilliantly written and very simple. You might be able to borrow it from the library - but if you're seriously considering going for this - then you should own one. It's an expensive book at £18 or so, but as a % of the cost of the house it's peanuts!!!

    To give you an idea of what I think - the basic house should cost you around £100 per square foot in SE England - fitted. More extravagant grand designs style - between £150 and £200 per square foot.

    One important thing that I should mention that you don't talk about - does the land have planning??? In my experience there is no such thing as 'cheap land' - if it doesn't have planning permission - be VERY careful...

    Good luck!
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    its about 2/3rd's of the slae value
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    this is a link to house builders bible update.....some useful info to be found
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