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'Downshift Nation: Dropping down a brand's becoming accepted wisdom' blog discussion.

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.
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  • I dont mind id drop down but its the OH that wont she doesnt mind some things but others i try to put in the trolley she looks at me as if to say yeah rite put it back LOL im working on her.
    :confused: [strike]Nik[/strike]:confused:
  • RabbitMadRabbitMad Forumite
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    Do people really downshift on ketchup - that, cornflakes and baked beans are the items I wouldn't ever consider downshifting on.
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    RabbitMad wrote: »
    Do people really downshift on ketchup - that, cornflakes and baked beans are the items I wouldn't ever consider downshifting on.[/quote

    Why not on cornflakes ? I get my weetabix from morrisons and they taste the same to me.
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  • On cornflakes I can just tell the difference. I've been served cornflakes from tupperware containers in cheap B&Bs and you can just tell they are not Kellogs and they generally taste like cardboard.

    Infact my OH got some Morissions Organic cornflakes only the other month to make cornflake cakes out of. I had half a bowlful and wouldn't touch them again.
  • BenLBenL Forumite
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    I often find myself to be upshifting brands at the moment, the premium supermarket ranges are turning up in the reduced section more often! hurrah!
    I beep for Robins - Beep Beep
    & Choo Choo for trains!!
  • We ve downshifted alot of our brands ,others we didn t like so didn t try again.
    I have to thank this site as its due to challenges like this that has saved us a fortune.
    I think this year the items we didn t like downshifting,im going to retry at a different supermarket.(ie tried tesco yuk ,Try sainsburys hopefully nice )
    I have to agree about cornflakes and beans lol
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • Tojo_RalphTojo_Ralph Forumite
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    Dropping down a brand's becoming accepted wisdom


    M+S shoppers downshift to Sainsburys.....

    Sainsburys shoppers downshift to Tesco.....

    Tesco shoppers downshift to Asda.....

    Asda shoppers downshift to Morrisons.....

    Morrisons shoppers downshift to Aldi/Lidl/Netto.....

    Aldi/Lidle/Netto shoppers downshift to Approved Food.....

    Approved Food shoppers downshift to become Freegans.....

    Freegans continue to be Freegans.

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    Loophole - A word used to entice people to read clearly written Terms and Conditions.
    Rip Off - Clearly written Terms and Conditions.
    Terms and Conditions - Otherwise known as a loophole or a rip off.
  • LeLLeLeLLe Forumite
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    If you were putting supermarkets in a list, i think asda would be below morrisons :p
    Anyhoo, i dont mind downshifting on some stuff. I've downshifted quite alot actually but i agree about the baked beans. Nothing else comes close. Also have to buy branded bread, cheap bread tastes, well, cheap lol. :D
  • Freegans become MP s and claim it all on expenses,but can t hold their heads as high in society.:D
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • Did anyone see Dispatches last night - not the greatest bit of insight, but the basic thrust was that own label products are not as nutritionally rich. Examples provided were the levels of protein in meat pies and sausages, levels of lycopene (antioxidant) in tomatoes and the amount of apple in apple pie (less than 10%).
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