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Who can I BT to ?????????????

Please can someone advise me. I know there is 100 threads a day asking for help, so hopefully mine will get noticed :D

I have looked at the article about BT etc, and it says that Barclaycard Onepulse 0% for 14 months is the best card for me to go for. However I don't earn £15K and even for the 9 month card, you have to earn £10K.

I don't earn these amounts (though my husband does), and I am tempted to apply for them in his name (obviously with his persmission) but is there any card that can be suggested for me earning less than 10K.

I need to BT my Virgin card, which has a 0% until March statement.

Many thanks in advance


  • YorkshireBoy
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    The Post Office Classic card has an £8K income requirement.

    M&S might be a good bet, since a) they only* ask for household income and b) they do seem to welcome the fairer sex!

    Some other options, including minimum income requirements where known, here...


    * If not the online application, then certainly the paper forms from store used to (still do?).
  • izoomzoom
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    Thanks, already have an M&S card, which I am desparately trying to pay off.

    Just had a reply from Barclaycard, DH been approved for the card :j ... just have to wait and see what the limit will be:rolleyes: .

    The max limit is £5K and my balance is £5.5K (virgin) plus 600 (M&S) so still need to find something else where we can BT to, but will have to wait a few days until we know how much we can shift to Barclaycard ...

    I'll look at the link then, but thanks once again :D
  • BenL
    BenL Posts: 3,189 Forumite
    As you are married I don't think there is any importance on who is the main card holder and BT's can be done between unrelated people anyway so that is not an issue.

    Credit cards are usually in 1 main account holders name who is responsible but in a marriage i wouldn't think this split between main and additonal card holders is required due to marriage overriding this (for want of a better phrase) and debts/assets being shared.

    If the worst happened and divorce was on the cards the debts would be analysed by the parties and who was responsible for the creation and the repayment of these - well in an ideal world.

    Hopefully I am correct anyway, so apply away, or rather get your husband to apply away.

    For any other readers who are not married,you don't want to BT-ing partners/friends/relatives debt to a card in your name as they could stop paying you and it is your responsibility to repay.
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