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Hi all, in my local paper today there are 3 job adverts for delivery/collection of brochures. Has anyone ever done this before? Obviously it seems too good to be true...whats the catch? an initial outlay?

thanks you

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    Yeah, these will almost certainly be betterware type 'jobs'. so you will be a self employed door to door salesperson, who probably has to pay for the catalogs in the first place.
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    Agreed. Probably Betterware/Kleeneze or something similar

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  • My Dad did Kleeneze, said it cost him more than he made... I would personally stay away, but each to their own!
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  • Hello. My wife and i started doing betterware about 3 months ago when everything was going up in price. Its different to Kleeneze which i think makes you buy the catalogues and recruit others. I contacted the betterware website and a local co-ordinator called me and did an interview and told me all about it. basically there is no set up charge. They give you catalogues and a route and you write out your name and number on the order forms and deliver them. We started on 200 which takes about 2 hours to deliver and u might have some houses with big old gardens. Then u pick them upa couple of days later. Potentially you could put out 200 catalogues and get no orders and then we just look at it that we have had a nice walk!

    ONce you get your orders you give them to your co-ordinator and then the next week you pick up the goods and deliver them and get your commission.

    However, we have consistently earnt about 40-50 quid a week. 2 weeks before xmas it was pretty poor but then the week before xmas was about 70 qid. Its hard work, its not easy and its not guaranteed but it does work and made a big difference to our pockets.

    There is no recruiting involved either which i would feel very uncomfortable with. My friend tried tog et me into selling vitamins at the same time i started betterware and i lost 200 quid cos i couldnt bear to earn money calling up friends and family and getting them to buy etc etc
  • TNT Post are always looking for people to deliver leaflets once a week (in the local job centre). If you could deliver leaflets and catalogues at the same time and in the same area two wages for one lot of work!! I realised i missed a trick this year when in September i started seeing Avon catalogues on doorsteps. i know there are catches to this plan but its worth looking into.
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  • Hi

    There are a lot of companies offering leaflet distribution positions.

    The going rate at the company near me is £40 per 1000 houses. You might drop off 1 leaflet per house, or 4 leaflets, but you get paid per house visited.

    It works out between £5 - £10 per hour depending on how quick you want to walk, and if the houses are rural with long drives, or housing estates.

    I have a lot of housing estates and flats near me so I can make more per 1000 houses.

    You dont have to deliver to houses with 'no junk mail' signs up, or with dogs in the garden, or anything that looks dangerous eg building sites etc...

    Payment is normally cash with you sorting out your own NI and tax.

    You normally get 1 - 2 weeks to deliver so you can fit it in around other jobs, or do it a couple of days a week.

    There are a lot of companies that pay £30 per 1000, but this falls under minimum wage for most people.
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  • Does anyone have a list of these companies? I note that TNT post does Lidl leaflets, as well as the Co-op, free samples of washing powder, etc. so a fair scope there.
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  • thanks guys. Have applied fo TNT and got contacted by a Bettaware rep...
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    I know people who get paid £40 per 1,000 leaflets which is guaranteed money unlike betterware.Simply google betterware and kleeneze and see some of the horror stories.
  • Well done secretspender. I deliver for TNT post in the NW (Cumbria area) Where do you live?
    From September 2008 - Wepromiseto £133.19, Greasypalm £46.16, Quidco £10.40, Cashback Kings £74.54. Vouchers £31.00. myhpf £21.03
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