Drayton manor from NI

in N. Ireland
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    went there last Saturday with grandchildren had a great day but we only live near Burton on Trent bout 25 Min's from drayton manor ,the ques wernt too bad
  • hi there,
    have you thought about staying at a youth hostel (lol,neither had we until i actually read it on here,looked into it and seen how well they cater for families!!)
    this looks lovely http://www.yha.org.uk/find-accommodation/peak-district-sherwood/hostels/national_forest/local_info.aspx
    i cant find exactly how far away they are from the theme park but if its mentioned as being close then it cant be too far away!
    they have a private family room available and kitchen facilities so you can make up a big picnic before you head of to the park and save on fast food places!! it looks like it is set in the most beautiful place with loads of other things to see and do.......wish it was us going,lol.
    hope this helps abit!
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    to hate than to love...
    love and relax!

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    i just want some magic company to give me a price for boat accomadation and tickets lol ..but it isnt going to happen
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    We went there last year - me, husband & 2 boys. Cost about £200 all in. Flew with Ryanair to East Midlands for £20 in total. Paid for entry to Drayton Manor with Tesco Vouchers (£16.50) - please do this - it's a fortune if you don't. You need to do it a couple of weeks before as well as they send the tickets in the post. We stayed at the Premier Inn in Tamworth in a family room which was great and cost £60. It was 5 mins away from Drayton Manor. The most expensive thing was the car hire - cost about £70 because we had to hire 2 car seats for the kids but we did get a decent discount via the Ryanair website. Breakfast is free for kids at Premier Inn if the adult pays as well (not included in room rate). We all had a great time - Thomasland is highly recommended but a day will easily do if you only have small kids.
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