I need to buy a new washing machine. I know Which guides are normally on point and so would like to know what the top rated machine is according to the consumers bible(!).

Should I be looking at a particular brand perhaps or is Hotpoint as good as Bosch?

Could you also tell me the top rated combined Washing machine AND Tumble drier.

Lastly, the top standalone tumble drier would be great.


TIA :beer:



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    Top rated washing machine is Miele W1614
    Top rated tumble dryer is Bosch WTB76556 LOGIXX 10 New Dimension
    Top Rated WM/Tumble Dryer is AEG-Electrolux-L16850

    The best brands for washing machine reliability are Bosch,Miele,Siemens,Tricity Bendix and Zanussi-Electrolux.These allrecieved above average ratings.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi. I too am looking for a new washing machine, but the one listed as the best is around £600. A bit above my budget. Anyone know a good one for around £250. My last one was given to me and it was an indesit. I've had it 7 years so am thinking that either indesit are a good brand or I was lucky??


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    I got a Beko for £160 in July 2007 and it's still going strong. Just because you pay more doesn't been they last longer. :)
  • Best budget brand IMO is Indesit. Ours cost peanuts and has been going strong for many years (we previously stuck to 'posh' brands with zillions of programmes we never used but they never lasted more than 5 years).
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    LeeUK wrote: »
    I got a Beko for £160 in July 2007 and it's still going strong. Just because you pay more doesn't been they last longer. :)

    I'd hope so thats less than 2 years! We've had our bosch for 8 years, is does at least a load a day and is still going strong - never had a problem with it. Its a fairly low spec one I'm pretty sure is triple A rated.
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  • We have a Bendix washing machine. Still working, though well over 20 years old. Sadly on it's last legs now as it cannot cope with the huge loads it used to. Have to recommend for longevity and reliability though!! I am squeezing the last months of life out of it, so am interested in this thread as we will need to replace it for £250 or less. Was looking at Indesit but the person in John Lewis told me that they were made by Hotpoint, and I think I read some bad reviews about Hotpoint. Also my mum had a Hotpoint recently and it lasted about a year!
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    LeeUK wrote: »
    I got a Beko for £160 in July 2007 and it's still going strong. Just because you pay more doesn't been they last longer. :)

    There are 3 variables, not just price and length of service. You need to consider the amount of service, ie a machine may last 5 years if you use it once a week, if you use 5 times a day you may find it only lasts 6 months. Typically, the more you pay, the more likley it is that it will cope with more demanding use and therefore last longer in time as well.

    eg I have bosch at home which is 5 years old and still going strong with a wash a day on average.

    I bought a beko 13 months ago for a rental house - which is apparently doing 2 washes a day!! I had to have an engineer round recently, he checked 4-5 things and said hmm thats strange, all the usual things seem ok, to which I said 'are they that bad? he said well, they all seem to fail at about 13-16 months from what he can see. He has now ordered 3 new items and is having to make 2 visits (thankfully I had it on extended warranty and I have saved my premium for the two visits that are going to be needed and the parts.)

    But they are cheap - if i buy a cheap machine like Beko - I woudl take the extended warrenty with domestic general at the end of the 12months. If it was Miele, Bosch, Neff I wouldnt bother.
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