Hair colour and swimming advice needed

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I recently treated myself to colour and highlights at the hairdressers and it cost me a bomb. I also have some free swimming vouchers that I was going to motivate myself to use after xmas. The trouble is i'm worried that the chlorine is going affect my hair colour (as in make it fade).

Are there any hairdressers on who can tell me whether it will cause me a problem please?
Many thanks


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    Swimmers tend to end up with golden blonde hair. Lovely colour it is.
    I know a swimmer (swims daily) who has highlights, doesn't make it fade, if anything it makes it more golden/lovely.

    If you are really worried, then there are actually pools that don't have chlorine in. See if there are any pools in your area that use UV rays to keep the water clean,
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    as long as you dont go straight after having your hair done you should be fine. It will fade slighty quicker but use colour protect shampoo and I doubt you will notice a difference.
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    Thanks for the replies - I guess I need to dig out that swimming cossie now :)
  • RikkiRikki Forumite
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    I don't have my hair coloured but have very long hair and it can dry out from the chlorine in the water.
    When I was swimming a lot, I always put on a hair protection cream and used a swimming hat, but I was lane swimming up to three times a week.
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    If you don't want to wear a swimming cap, then adding conditioner before swimming (leave it in while swimming), and then rinsing your hair in the showers after and adding more conditioner (leave in type, or normal and wash it out) will help protect your hair.
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    You can buy special shampoo that takes out the chlorine. As long as you don't go swimming the day you have your highlights done you will be OK. The cuticle takes a day or two to closed after a colour treatment and if it is still open the colour may be effected by the pool water. BUT if you have spent lots of money on your hair you should protect it from pool water, strong sunlight and frequent washing because it will stay "true" for much longer.
  • moneylovermoneylover Forumite
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    I have promised myself swimming lessons but am sixty and definitely rely on expensive hair colouring! I will get a hat but remember from the distant past that they didnt really keep the water out - can anyone recommend a good make or how to choose a good fit?
  • rockie4rockie4 Forumite
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    I have highlighted hair and swim 3 or 4 times a week. Wearing a hat does help, it doesn't keep the water completely out but does seem to make a difference:confused:
    I got a speedo silicone one from the pool shop, it was about £5 but I've been using it constantly for 6 months now. I had a cheapo one before that which split after half a dozen uses so the speedo one has more than paid for itself, spinkle a little talc in it to help putting it on and wash your hair straight after swimming.

  • jacnormjacnorm Forumite
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    I use a shampoo and conditioner from boots called sun, swim and gym. It is great as if the water does have any affect on your hair colour it corrects it. My daughter and myself always take it on holiday too and we never have any problems
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