PCN for Being in a Bus Lane in Barking Road, East London

I have received a PCN for being in a bus lane on Barking Road, East London.

From the image Newham sent me, my car does not appear to be in the bus lane. However, it may be possible that the back wheel is on the white line but it is very difficult to make out whether it is. In the image, traffic lights are blocking part of the view of my car so I cannot be certain whether the back wheel is resting on the white line. The front passenger wheel is obscured by the traffic lights but looking at the angle of my car to the angle of the white line, I would say it is not on the white line.

The notice is dated 16.12.08 and I received it on 18.12.08 and am in the process of drafting formal representations.

I have been doing some research on the internet and it seems this spot is quite notorious for this.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    As I said before the thread was split - hold fire. It is a bit awkward for you because of the time of year. Holidays interrupting count for nothing in the timescale.
    Your current deadline to maintain the discount period is 29/12. Note, though, that there is no legal requirement for Newham to re-offer the discount.

    Have you asked to view the video evidence? Most Councils will stall the process while they offer you a date - Newham don't. Again awkward because of the hols.
    Nevertheless, if the case were to need to proceed further you can always add additional evidence later.

    In light of the recent Adjudication it will be interesting to see if they roll over quickly or string it out.

    Based on what you have said your claim will be based on the legal principle of 'de minimus' meaning 'of little or no consequence'.

    You have PM
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