The news programme for Deaf People, See Hear, has just been covering credit cards, debt management and financial issues.

Martin, you asked for some help with signing because you were going on a programme for deaf people, is this the programme that you were going to be on?

If so WHY weren't you on it? :(

Is it cos you talk so fast that they couldn't find an interpreter quick enough? ;D ;)
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    A very good question..... obviously they changed their minds and didn't ask me.

    Who did they use to it?

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  • It was Frances Walker of the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, but with having it interpreted she could only fit in some very basic advice about not using store cards and briefly explaining what the 0% interest hook really means.

    She had to keep pausing so that the interpreter could finish signing so you'd have had no chance ;D ;).

    It's on again on Wed 8th Dec 12.40am on BBC1

    Just run, run and keep on running!

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