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Christmas Treasure Hunt - I need help with rhyming clues!

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Christmas Treasure Hunt - I need help with rhyming clues!

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newty428newty428 Forumite
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I am doing a treaure hunt for my family on Christmas day but am crap at rhymes! I'm going to be hiding the presents in places like in the bathroom, outside the front door, toy room, under the bed etc. Are you any good at rhyming clues?? I have to hide 6 adult presents and 4 child presents. Please try and keep them clean!
Many thanks in advance for your help.


  • scuzzscuzz Forumite
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    what about:

    "Have a look just down the hall
    It's at a place where Santa DOESN'T call" for the front door

    "If you're looking for a clue this Christmas Day
    Head to where the kids like to play" for the toy room

    "A place Mum braves from time-to-time
    <name of child's> room is certainly a crime" for under the bed

    "This room is busy all day long
    Why does Dad always leave a pong" for the bathroom

    Ok not the best in the world, but might help in a dire emergecny:D
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  • mary43mary43 Forumite
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    I did this years ago for my oldest son when he had his first record player and I needed time to get it out of the cellar and on the kitchen Wish I could remember the clues but try this

    One by one follow each stair
    Now look and see whats hiding there (put another clue blue tacked to the bannister that leads somewhere else)

    Find somewhere that had a face
    Is something lurking in that place ? (Bathroom mirror - another clue)

    Something along those lines anyway..........hope that helps

    I'm creative -you can't expect me to be neat too !
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  • Thank you, hopefully these will get my creative juices flowing!!
  • go and search, now take a look, on the shelf for a (christmas?) ......... book. (kids bookcase!)

    a can of beer, a bottle of wine, will find your gift/clue just fine. (fridge or cupboard etc with drinks in)

    a coat, a shoe, you will find on the loo! (ideal if u have a seperate toilet from bathroom).
    due to spilling coffee :coffee: on my keyboard it works when it wants to :rotfl:

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  • mary43mary43 Forumite
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    Where mummy lays her sleepy head
    What can you find, tucked under the bed ? ...........leads to another clue/present...........

    I'm creative -you can't expect me to be neat too !
    (Good Enough Member No.48)
  • Now your present, you must find,
    It's easy, you will see,
    Now on your marks, and get set, go!
    Follow these clues from me!

    (Then you can put the different verses with the above as the intro!)


    Where the toys and games are kept,
    Look around, you will see
    A glimpse of ribbon, and then a bow ...
    A gift for you from me!!


    Where we go to clean our teeth
    Both morning and at night,
    You'll find your gift, from me with love,
    Wrapped up nice and tight.


    Where monsters lurk till break of day,
    Or Daddy scares them all away,
    You'll find your gift just from this clue,
    With lots of love from me to you!


    Knock knock, is that the postman?
    Delivering cards for me ...
    It cannot be, on Christmas Day,
    so you better go and see
  • Adoms_2Adoms_2 Forumite
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    Clues for girls on Christmas day ....Example "Where monsters hide" for 'under the bed'.
    1 Breadbin
    2 Behind sofa
    3 Toaster
    4 Microwave
  • sethsgransethsgran Forumite
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