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limited vision in one eye?

I was wondering if having a very small amount of vision in one eye or sometimes no vision at all in it, does that make someone visually impaired?
thank you all in advanse
take care
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  • not in a disabled sense i dont think.

    and my opticians have never mentioned it apart form they cant do anything much about the vision in my bad eye, but every time i go to the she reminds me to be sure and wear my glasses for cleaning or gardening or anything as if i lost the sight in my good eye then my vision would be bad enough to count as legally blind.
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    You can read about being registered as either severely sight impaired (blind) or sight impaired (partially sighted) on the RNIB website:

    RNIB link

    It maybe possible to get the consultant to register you as partially sighted but it depends on your particular impairment.

    However, many places will accept the loss of useful sight in one eye as sufficient to qualify for discounts, special assistance and so on. So, if you went into a shop and said "I need someone to help me with my shopping" you could probably get help without needing to prove anything.

    You would also be protected by the Disability Discrimination Act if your sight is so bad that ONE of these applies and if your sight is likely to be the same or worse for the next year:

    *inability to see to pass the eyesight test for a standard driving test
    *difficulty recognising by sight a known person across a moderately-sized room
    *inability to distinguish any colours at all
    *difficulty reading ordinary newsprint
    *difficulty walking safely without bumping into things

    Hope this helps...

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