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I received an invite to Onlineopinions this morning. It says on their website they pay £1 per survey. Has anyone heard of this one? Is it any good?


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    i received an email this morning telling me that there was a survey and i don't ever remember signing up with them-can't find owt in an email and i keep them all from survey companies.anyway i must've done and after asking for a password reminder i logged in to find no survey but it told me that if i take 49 more surveys i can get a cheque for £50.stranger and stranger
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    I've looked on the survey police web-site, and they don't appear there, so I wouldn't touch them. however, if you want to try surveys, they have a Top-Ten Recommends!
    Good Luck.
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    I had an email as well and couldnt remember registering!! I logged on and it said I had 49 more to go, this all seems a bit weird :confused:
  • I received that this morning too, However it's not the first survey sent by them, I have done only about 6 in total, I do remeber joining / signing up though, seems pointless because I been a member ages won't be getting the 50 pound soon, might just quit it...:confused:
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