Kit Kash 2006

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What's the deal?

Kitkash is a promotion run by Nestle where you can exchange kitkash for discounts and offers or bid in auctions on different items. KitKash can be collected from the wrappers of Kit Kats and other Nestle products. Bonus KitKash codes can also be found on partner websites and leaflets in supermarkets.

What do you need to do?

1. First you need to register on the website
2. Click on 'add kash' and enter the codes you have which will be instantly updated on your balance.
3. You can then use your kitkash to bid in auctions for items such as DVD's, gadgets and electricals or to buy discounts such as £25 off a case of virgin wine.

Back to the original post...

Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place, but I didn't know about MSE this time last year when Kit Kash 2005 was on the go, and a quick search suggests that one or two threads then appeared in this forum. So following in their footsteps...

Kit Kash is due to start again on 10th January - see . The website will tell you all you need to know, and if you search Kit Kash here it'll give you a taste of last year's promotion. This year's promotion involves more Nestle brands than just Kit Kat - again the website will tell you all you need to know.

A starter code I found today on a leaflet at Morrisons, worth 500 points for everyone:


Last year, these 'bonus' codes would never have been enough by themselves to win a major prize, but this year - according to the Terms & Conditions - there are Instant Prizes awarded when you simply enter codes, and 'Lowest unique bid' auctions, where the LOWEST unique bid entered will win. So this free code might be enough for someone to strike lucky... good luck everyone!

***Edit by Board Guide (wirm):

KitKash codes which are open to all (sources posted in brackets). Codes are case sensitive. Thanks to Twizzles for posting them together for me.

V76H 7RGY JY4C - 200 points (Buy a gift bonus code)

DK4Y 6RFH C73T - 500 points (Morrisons bonus code)

YGMD XR4V 6PK3 - 500 points (Sainsbury bonus code)

Y6GT HRX6 VTDT - 200 points (CD Wow bonus code)

KY3X HRRR TPK6 - 500 points (Sainsbury's staff code)

6JFK 4RPV TXHD - 200 points (firebox bonus code)


  • L_Tee_2
    L_Tee_2 Posts: 79 Forumite
    Kitkash has restarted on Unfortunately all old accounts have been deleted so you can't carry over your balance...

    In this months Asda magazine there is an offer for double points on all 4 finger 12 packs, you have to enter the code "ASDA12PACK" when entering the code at Also, 2 finger 36 packs have double points. See the website for the offer end dates.
    Tesco Deals Vouchers : £1500 in deals used towards Florida 2010 honeymoon and £318 towards Wedding rings in Goldsmiths - Thanks to all Tesco points savers who helped me along the way! :beer:
  • smid29
    smid29 Posts: 120
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    According to the latest Asda Magazine, there are "Asda exclusive" double points currently available on 12 x 4-finger, and 36 x 2-finger multipacks.

    To get the 12 x 4-finger bonus, you need to input your codes at (but the link doesn't seem to be working yet), and quote the special Double Points Code: ASDA12PACK .

    The 36 x 2-finger bonus will automatically be credited when you input codes in the normal way.

    All for a limited time only - it says to see the above link for closing date etc. (once it's working!).

    As an extra bonus, the 36 x 2-finger packs are on offer at just £1.79 at the moment - so you're potentially getting 3,600 points for just £1.79. That's about four-times the usual rate!!
  • smid29
    smid29 Posts: 120
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    The above page is working now. Here's what it currently says (so be careful with your dates!!):

    ASDA bonus codes are coming soon! Claim double points on Asda 4 finger 12 packs and 2 finger 36 packs between the following dates:

    Asda 2 finger 36 packs from Wednesday 11th January to Wednesday 1st February 2006.

    Asda 4 finger 12 packs from Thursday 2nd February to Wednesday 22nd February 2006.

    NB. Please note this does not apply to any other packs and is exclusive to ASDA customers.

    But I'd still suggest buying the 36-packs while the current offer is on (it may well finish on Tuesday, before the first of the above offers start) - just hold off from entering the codes until Wednesday!
  • Hello,

    Morrisons free coupon code for 500 Points on kitkash ( is:
    DK4Y 6RFH C73T


  • 1000 points - RRVJ 6RCJ WWP3 VALID TILL 16TH JAN
  • Kit Kash is back you can simply Register by going to if you register before the 16th of January with this code RRVJ 6RCJ WWP3 you can get a 1000 bonus points after that its 100. Good Luck!

  • black-saturn
    black-saturn Posts: 13,937
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    Thankyou very much :j
    2008 Comping Challenge
    Won so far - £3010 Needed - £230
    Debt free since Oct 2004
  • LynT_2
    LynT_2 Posts: 66
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    And another 200 points using:

    V76H 7RGY JY4C
  • Another 500 points HDJY 6RDH F66C
  • rolpaula
    rolpaula Posts: 10,199
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Another 500 points HDJY 6RDH F66C

    This code has already been redeemed by somebody else:doh:
    :whistle:Make Hay While The Sun Shines:think:
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