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Making my own butter! (merged)



  • leonie_2
    leonie_2 Posts: 517 Forumite
    Oh the patting, thats the best bit!!

    I had two wood things that look like the paddles that should be used so I was quite lucky. I spent ten minutes slapping it about then reshaping it, then slapping it about again!

    I made a cheese sauce with it last night and I cant explain it very well, but the sauce looked 'fuller' I was worried at first as the butter/flour mix was darker than usual, but one I added milk it seemed to thicken up very easy. It made a lovely creamy cheese pasta.

    Edited to add: I have some buttermilk left so i'm going to add it to the mash today, its supposed to give a tangy creaminess according to google!
  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    I've also just weighed what I have - 150gms butter and 100ml buttermilk, all from a 10oz tub of double cream which cost me 19p :money: :D

    I haven't any paddles, I slapped it by hand to no great effect so I've packed it in a plastic pot and bunged it in the fridge ready for the 'making of the scones'
  • leonie_2
    leonie_2 Posts: 517 Forumite
    Lol not bad for 19p!! :rudolf:

    I think the wooden paddle things make such a difference. I tried my first batch with my hands but the butter was getting sticky from the heat of my hands and kept sticking to the board. Then I found these two wooden paddles (a bit like fat rulers) and it behaved perfectly, so easy to shape it into an oblong and no stickiness.

    I'm off to the supermarket tomorrow in the hope of getting tons of reduced cream..... i'll fill the freezer with butter!
  • The river cottage family cook book was bought for me from WH Smith - they have a sale on at the moment, so perhaps worth looking in there.
  • astep70uk
    astep70uk Posts: 338 Forumite
    The last time I was in my local Asda the River Cottage Family Book was £9.99. This seemed quite reasonable as the RRP is £20
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  • I got some cheap double cream today, wasn't till I got it home i see it was extra thick, so i put it in the mixer and its made some lovely butter! I got some bread rising at the moment , so quite looking forward to it!
  • Does the butter have to be patted?
  • elisebutt65
    elisebutt65 Posts: 3,854 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!
    I used the extra thick as well - It's been hanging around for a few days.

    I rinsed and squeezed it under the cold tap which stopped it sticking to my hands and then wrapped it in film before i shaped it.

    Seems to be ok though.
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  • kabie
    kabie Posts: 537 Forumite
    I can't believe how easy it is (more so when you rope in the other family members to do most of the shaking!)
    I keep looking at the amount of butter that I got from a smallish carton of cream : pretty amazing, (and only cost 20P!)
    Going to make some more later: picked up more reduced cream. Anyone know roughly how long the butter will keep in the fridge or freezer? Made scones with the buttermilk they were yummy. To do the patting I used a rather large wooden spoon and a spatula.
  • astep70uk
    astep70uk Posts: 338 Forumite
    Now that the butter making is in full flow I have a couple of questions:

    Has anybody made butter with long life cream such as Elmlea - just wondering if the finished product is any different from 'fresh' cream?

    My butter is really hard and quite 'unspreadable' even when out of the fridge. Do you think adding a little oil when mixing may help it to spread or do you think it will affect the butter??

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