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Making my own butter! (merged)



  • katieowl_2
    katieowl_2 Posts: 1,864 Forumite
    It's definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for whoopsie milk after Xmas....our local Mr T totally overstocked last year and were selling it really cheap. Then it really IS worth making it and freezing it!

  • Honeythief
    I'm another one who used to make it as a kid! We'd get milk straight from the tank (my father was a dairy farmer) and just shake it in a bottle until we got butter. It took a lot of effort but kept us busy for ages which was probably why mum used to suggest it ;)
  • System
    System Posts: 178,104 Community Admin
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    I remember making at primary school too. The whole class had a good shake and it didnt take that long.

    Great for the littlies to do.:)
  • peachyprice
    peachyprice Posts: 22,346 Forumite
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    If it do it in my Kenwood do I use the whisk or k-beater?
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  • Sambucus_Nigra
    If you haven't got it - please don't flaunt it. TIA.
  • tina_malteser
    haha, we did this at school too with cream off the milk we were given at break time, jam jar and a good shake..when i told my DGD what we did he showed me a quicker way by putting a clean wooden peg inside the jar :j i was so impressed that i told my teacher and she continued with his method :T
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  • valk_scot
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    If it do it in my Kenwood do I use the whisk or k-beater?

    I use the whisk, it's just what you do when whipping cream for piping except you do it for longer, past the firm peak stage untill it suddenly goes grainy and splits into fat granules slopping around in the thin buttermilk.
  • zippychick
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    merged with our butter thread :)

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  • Swan_2
    Swan_2 Posts: 7,060 Forumite
    babyshoes wrote: »
    I'd expect about 200-250g ish from 500ml of double cream. I've not tried it with other types of cream as they have a lower fat content, so I expect you'd end up with less butter and more buttermilk. The buttermilk you get from this process is not the yoghurty type you can buy from the shops, but tastes more like full fat milk - it's yummy!

    It really is that easy to make, but remember that HM butter can go rancid quicker than commercial butter due to the remaining milk solids which are thoroughly rinsed out in the commercial process - rinsing the butter as best you can with clean water when making it at home helps, but I recommend freezing it and only taking out what you need for the next few days, especially if you don't want to salt it.
    can't remember if I've posted in this thread already, but if you've no baking use for it, the chilled buttermilk is delicious to drink

    I remember my Granny saying how she loved to drink buttermilk & I tried the supermarket stuff _pale_ I thought she was mad, until I tried drinking proper buttermilk, delicious :)
  • Butterfly_Brain
    I made some butter today after grabbing 8 double cream that had been reduced to 25p in Asda today. I have also made some scones and 2 loaves of soda bread using the buttermilk and they are cooling waiting to go into the freezer.
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