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  • Judi wrote:
    My favourite line is....... 'I'm sorry, me Mums not in'. :snow_laug

    I'm laughing about this one, because when I get cold callers at the door (not so frequent now as I work from home less), I do frequently get asked if my mum or dad is home... and I'm 26! At least I can honestly say "no"...
  • MSE_Andrea wrote:
    This is a Chat Forum discussion on Martin's 'Fuming about sales calls to my Grandma' blog that you can read here.
    Hi Martin,
    as a great admirer of your work in general and this site in particular, I hate to level even the slightest critisicm at anything you say. However I recently changed my electricity supply from Staywarm to British Gas Fixed until 2010
    Staywarm just upped their price to £75 per month for 2 people in a 3 bedroomed house. Based on last years usage, 2 part tariff, British Gas have quoted/estimated £50 per month, a not insubstantial saving. I worked out for myself from Staywarms meter readings and B. G's prices, and was only a few pence out. I realize that you did say that staywarm prices suited your Gran,and in some circumstances they can be cheaper, but the hype can be misleading, and I would hate anyone to overpay even a pound too much.
    Keep up thr great work,
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