Tesco DVD rental....21-day free trial

Hi all, the following code will allow you a free 21-day dvd rental with Tesco instead of the usual 14 day.


Promotion code: 1316440
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  • elfmayelfmay Forumite
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    thanks ;D
    do you know when this expires? still got about 30 days left of lovefilm trial ::)
    great haven't paid to rent a dvd for months used to pay £6 for 3 :-/
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  • Hi, i actually got this in tesco's newsletter, it just said for a limited time only, no specific length
    Be ALERT - The world needs more LERTS
  • Have tried Tesco on 14 day free trial and was pleased with DVDs sent etc, but at end of trial decided to try somewhere else on a free trial. Went through the cancel process online, but was offered another 14 days free (had to pay for the rest of a full month though), so decided to carry on for another month. However, since then have had problems of wrong disks being sent, not getting first choice disks (mainly third choice) and having to wait for a long time between DVDs.

    Tesco DVDs were originally run by Videoisland, but they have merged with Screenselect and the service does not seem anywhere near as good. I have sent emails and not had replies. The web site has been updated and does not have anywhere near as much info online as originally, ie no details of when payments have been taken and when they are due to be taken. DVD series have been sent out of order, even though it says on the web site that they will be sent in order. Not impressed.

    So if you try the free trial, think long and hard about whether you are going to continue at the end or shop around and try some other services first.

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  • Indeed. Unfortunately i cancelled my blockbuster rental subscription and signed up with Tesco. I selected about 50 movies i wanted, setup the credit card etc... It wasnt until about 5 days later that they sent me an email saying that "unfortunately because you have previously had a trial with one of our sister companies (namely Screen Select 8months ago), you cannot have the free trial with Tescos".

    Typical. If i had realised this sooner, i would have kept my blockbuster trial going.

    The problem is, a lot of these rental places are essentially the same company, and so if you get one free trial with one, it automatically prohibits you from a lot of the other ones. :(
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    i did the tescos trial and their service was diabolical.

    i was supposed to get a free dvd for doing it - that never arrived despite several emails telling me it would.

    if you want a long free trial from a company with good turnaround times that generally send you new releases quickly, then i cant recommend https://www.globalerental.co.uk highly enough.
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    I also had to email Tesco to get the free DVD, but it did eventually arrive.

    Note that you can get a 30 day free trial with Screen Select (who run the Tesco operation now that they and Video Island have merged). Go to http://www.dvdtrials.co.uk/ for a list of all the free trials on offer and the link for 30 days free.
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