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skibadeeskibadee Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in IVA & DRO
I have an IVA done through CCCSVA and accepted on 8th September.
I have 3 accounts with Moorcroft which are included in my IVA ...however I am still constantly getting phonecalls and letters from Moorcroft....I have spoken to the supervisory dept., at CCCSVA and they have said that a copy of the Chairmans report etc., was sent to Moorcroft..... I told Moorcroft this and they still insisted they hadn't recieved anything... [ though CCCSVA did say it can take 3mths for IVA inormation to get through creditors systems ].......Moorcroft rang again 2 wks ago...I again contacted supervisory dept., and they said again that Moorcroft should of recieved IVA information as they had sent it to all creditors and requested I send correspondance I'd recieved from Moorcroft them....which I did 10 days I recieved another phonecall from Moocroft insisting they still hadn't recieved any information or copy of IVA details....and hve again put accounts on hold for 2wks awaiting IVA details.
I am going to ring CCCSVA again tomorrow.
Has anyone else had this kind of problem? and if so how did they resolve it?......I'm beginning to wonder if it would of been easier to of gone bankrupt!!!


  • just ask Moorcroft to take you to court for your debt with them. A court would take a dim view of DC trying to collect a debt that is contained within an IVA. The court may even declare that part of the debt null and void as punishment for breaking the terms of an IVA.
  • balmkbalmk Forumite
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    Were you granted an interim court order to stop creditors chasing you whilst you were going through the consultation process? If so, send them a copy to shut them up. I had a similar experience (not with Moorcroft) and I have never seen anyone back-peddle so quickly!
  • skibadeeskibadee Forumite
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    All I had was a copy of the Chairmans report.
    Not very happy today as have rang CCCSVA supervisory today...and was told that they recieved the correspondance I sent from Moorcroft but hadn't had time to do anything yet....said ...again...that they would send a copy of Chairmans report to Moorcroft......I'm beginning to wonder what the costs the supervisory deptartment are taking are actually covering!!!.....
    I'm going to photocopy my copy of Chairmans report and fwd it to Moorcroft.

    Can see this IVA being a mistake the same as DMP was!
  • the chairmans report will have been sent to the original creditor, not to moorcroft so may take time to get to them.
    ask the original creditor to contact moorcroft and inform them quickly they are in the wrong, otherwise, forget about moorcroft if the debts in the iva. they will know sooner or later - forward any letters to your IP, or if they phone you, let them know the debt is covered in your IVA and to stop bothering you or they will be in court themselves
  • I had this with one creditor, namely MBNA, & so I gave them the telephone contact Debt Free Direct with our reference number & told them to ring them. They did & it was all sorted!!!!!
    :grinheart I'm getting there...... slowly but surely
  • skibadeeskibadee Forumite
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    I've told Moorcroft I will give them the phone number for supervisory team....and team have told me to give it to them too....but Moorcroft say they are not allowed to ring them???
  • I think this is Moorcrofts playing up to be honest as how can they not be allowed!!!!!
    :grinheart I'm getting there...... slowly but surely
  • Thats what I am going to send copy of chairmans report by recorded delivery and see what happens.
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