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    You looked so smart Martin, but I thought it was sad that you were wandering around like a little lost boy, cos you didn't know anybody!

    I bet lots of people recognised you, and it's a shame more didn't come over and introduce themselves.

    Or even ask for a few tips!

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    jet9cat wrote: »
    All I want to say is , WOW, doesn't Martin scrub up well!? Very smart. :money:

    Seconded! And no need to feel embarrassed - you looked very suave. :j

    Very best wishes, and thank you for all that you do to help us learn how to manage our money. :A
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    Who paid for the 'posh nosh'? Was it the poor taxpayer again or were there contributions by the attendees. I'm not being a Scrooge or anything just trying to equalise things! Though MSE does look like he needs a good feed!!
    On a kighter note Martin definitely looked like the bees knees in his outfit.
    :money: :j :T
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    Martin, that sounds like a lot of food; did you practise good moneysaving and take a doggybag? Did you get any freebies or goodie bags? Did you get the clothes free/discounted?

    With regards to the attire: looked as tasty as the menu.
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    Another *regular* thinking you looked good, Martin! And your blog was so sweet ... but like SandraScarlett above, sad to think of you wandering about like a little lost boy! Glad someone helped you out - but just think, no matter how responsible they are, not one of them has a voluntary email base of over two million. You're Da Man!
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  • How the other half live eh! Still I suppose it provides employment for a lot of people in the background. There used to be a GCE called Family Economics but I expect it's all changed now.

    Does anyone else think that Martin looks like Fat Boy Slim in his suit?
  • It seems long time ago ,I just see it today .:rotfl:
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