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Thankyou ...

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in IVA & DRO
Thankyou for setting up this new board... it is so needed by so many (including me)... just starting the IVA route via CCSS..



  • Mother Hen,
    Could you tell me how long, from first contact, to getting your IVA in place it has taken?
    Thank you,
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  • we started in september and still not done
  • HI , we haven't manage to get there yet, had the first long call with CCSS (over an hour but very informative and helpful), then we had a two week wait for the second call, due to take place later this week. Having said that we first phoned them 5 weeks ago and had to wait for the appointments. We are really frustrated with the long process and the interest is mounting up by hundreds and hundreds a month and companies are becoming more and more demanding with us, needless to say we are well in arrears with all the cards, in fact totally lost the will with them and not paying any!. We are just managing to pay the mortgage and house hold bills thankgoodness. Apparently, after this weeks call we then have to wait a further two week or something for another call, I may of missunderstood that so I will let you know if that is the case...grrr frustrating huh!
  • Hey Mother Hen, keep positive, mine took 6 long months to go through (longer than most i think!), and i really wondered what i was doing but as soon as it was agreed it was such a weight off my mind and being able to answer the phone knowing it wasn't going to be someone demanding sums of money i just didn't have was such a relief! It has been a hard lesson but we're coming through the other end x
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  • thanks for that dazzle, there are times (especially now we are in negative equity) that we are beginnig to question should we go for Bankrupcy due to the mounting costs.... that 25p in the £1 when we started out was acheiveable but with all their interest adding up it is starting to get out of hand and reducing it down even further to a point where they may not agree!
  • the cccs have nothing to gain by setting up your iva quickly - it can usually be done in 4-6 weeks.
    if you want it done quickly, choose a company that want you to get your iva. the cccs are funded by your creditors so who's side are they on??
  • CCCS are funded by creditors is that right?
  • CCCS are funded by the large creditors but act for the client ie: the person approaching them for help. They have strict guidelines in accepting people and take no fees or charges from you. The creditors help them as a charity because they know that without their help a lot more people would not be able to pay back their debts and the credit companies would get nothing.
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  • We first contacted DFD on 29/8/06 & our IVA went through & creditors meeting was held on 2/11/06 so only about 9 weeks from beginning to end & if I remember the hold up was our end to do with wage slips. Hope it all works out for you. I think that although there are negative comments on some of the boards as long as you go in to them with your eyes open I personally think IVAs can be a godsend, I certainly find I can sleep at night now!
    :grinheart I'm getting there...... slowly but surely
  • Thankyou Lexie for your comments. Wow sleep can only do that after a bottle of red....hic..
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