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Does anyone else think that asking for someones account number and then ONLY their post code constitues data protection?

Choice catalouge seem to think so.

I recently closed my account and when the girl on ther other end said "any particular reason for closing the account?" I stated "yes not only have I had problems with collection of faulty goods I think your data protection is appauling!"

I once got through their security by saying "yes my post code is bd twe...." and with that the operator started talking to one of his team mates so I shut up and waited, when the operater came back he said " yes mr xxx how can I help?" When i asked if that was it for data protection because I didnt even finish my post code he said "oh yes I'll just take your date of birth aswell..."

Is there anything I could do about this, when in all probability I feel they won't have closed my account next month?
Nothing's free.....but we'll see what we can do!
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